SAK-29907: Morpheus Documentation

Morpheus Documentation initial commit

fixed formating

some other changes

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SAK-29836: Load Bootstrap JS by default in portal

Load Bootstrap JS by default in portal so that the tools can use them

without including them in their code.

SAK-29801: Integrate Bootstrap into Morpheus

Integrated Bootstrap into Morpheus so that tools no need to import it

explicity .

Fixed Text color

SAK-29723:Fix gateway page UI

Fix gateway page UI remove unused space on left and make login form

clean in mobile view

SAK-29714 : Removing JQuery mobile js to fix the errors due to conflict with JQuery UI

SAK-29710: Remove useDTHMLMore in portal to fix All sites view

Remove useDTHMLMore in portal to fix All sites view

SAK-29662: UI changes and fixes as per Morpheus Meetings

Below are list of changes of fixes with this commit

1) Make Home icon more prominent by highlighting it to denote user is in

home (my workspace) and other changes

2) bring home to second rown in Desktop view and move to header in

mobile view

3) "More sites" changed to "All sites"

4) All Sites slides from right

5) All sites button appears automatically when all active sites does not

fit in the view .

6) tools icons are not displayed in mobile view to increase real estate

for content.

7) Swipe left on Header ( Top blue bar ) will open All sites

8) Swipe right on Header ( Top blue bar) will open tool menu


1) Publish now going behind tools menu

2) breadcrumbs for sub sites going behind tools menu

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SAK-29489: Use Fonts for icons replacing images

Use Fonts (FontAwsome) for icons replacing images.

Fixing css for profile image

SAK-29484: Tool Categorization using dynamic property

Tool Categorization should use dynamic page property

"sitePage.pageCategory" instead of using toolorder.xml to categorize

pages in UI, this feature is enabled by setting property

"portal.toolcategories.dynamic" to true.

SAK-29485: Default Skin changes

SAK-29485: Default Skin changes based of suggestions during PMC meeting

on 6/3/15

Icons are still images , they have to be fonts instead.

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SAK-29424: User profile image display in navigation

User profile image display in navigation along with username and display

only image in mobile view to help utilize the space. ( only works when

the profile tool is deployed in workspace)

SAK-29423: Tool Menu Categorization

Tool Menu Categorization template and css