Surya govindarajan

SAK-29920 Adding property in default sakai properties to make it configurable

SAK-29923 Adding macro to repeat post,preview,cancel buttons on top and bottom .

SAK-29920 Getting displayname for each folder and append it to the entry that gets zipped.

SAK-29833 Setting inactive class based on root element's availability

In the collectionAccessFormatter , it was previously checking hidden attribute value for each of the child items. I've moved the line setting css, above the for loop iteration of the members. So it now sets inactive based on root and not on each of its members.

For the scenario where there is a folder which is not hidden but which has one of its child item visible, I've again checked the visibility inside the for loop and set the visibility only if the child items visibility is explicitly set to hidden

SAK-29919 Changing export instruction to have configurable number of export months

SAK-29914 Adding config properties for cal export paeriod

SAK-29914 Making calendar export period configurable by adding config params

SAK-29309 - Setting revised mime type to pipe

Setting here ,as it gets defaulted to app/binary when its null