SAM-2673 Download test in pdf format fails when title contains a comma

SAM-2660 Error when trying to generate a PDF in Samigo that includes external images

SAM-2635 Create a True/False question without setting an answer

SAM-2571 Duplicate assessment throws an error when assessment's title is too long

SAM-2485 The order in the assesment responses excel is wrong with UTF-8 chars

SAM-2567 Stack trace when exporting assessment results which have unanswered calculated questions

SAM-2566 Export Responses button throws a stack trace when the matching item has a distractor option

SAM-2565 Numeric Response questions: validation error

SAK-28161 JavaScript errors in Forums

SAK-28070 The new link 'Move Thread(s)' should only appear to those users that have the right permissions.