Kevin Takacs

CLE-11486 merge to trunk
CLE-11481 create mysql and oracle flyway scripts
CLE-11474 updated .externals
CLE-11474 update rsmart poms to version 10.6
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CLE-11474 top level
CLE-11275 clean up flyway scripts
CLE-11453 revert cleanup
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  1. … 495 more files in changeset.
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SAK-29902 escape ampersand in announcement message bundles

SAK-29873 allow non maintain role users to see unpublished sites in worksite setup

CLE-11454 remove MVEL service
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CLE-11448 add flyway script to fix msgcntr in rsn_tool_final_config
SAK-29687 add config for year range to syllabus.js

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CLE-11427 add script to remove index
update upgrade script
CLE-11415 add upgrade script to remove rsn web content tools
CLE-11415 remove sakai.iframe.rsn and sakai.iframe.rsn.osp
CLE-11414 updated mailsender in .externals
CLE-11416 fix npe with grade basis
CLE-11379 add oracle script
updated .externals
CLE-11339 add new mysql procedure for removing tool data
CLE-11338 combine oracle upgrade scripts into flyway
CLE-11336 add missing dependency
comment out blogwow
CLE-11264 update public html docs in rsmart/content
CLE-11287 fix flyway scripts, update flyway-core jar
CLE-11287 rename flyway scripts
CLE-11287 modify upgrade scripts