Earle R Nietzel

SAK-31281 current date can affect which months are shown
SAK-31230 Added missing tomahawk lib
SAK-31230 merge PR 2595 from git
SAK-32003 merge PR 3665 from git
SAK-31922 merge 3e22c51e8c8dc889e4142b0de388741c98b699d1 from master
SAK-31919 content indexer thread becomes cancelled
KNL-1436 merge b0ce1b1fea589f3eb3ddc6f32b4485a9c352e35e, a9aa8a0bd63da7f8922de90bfe53a60604d51861 from git
SAM-3029 Fix regression in auto submit job can cause no submissions to process when type isn't guessed correctly
SAK-30309 merge PR 1696 from git
SAK-29952 merge PR 1165 from git, missed new files that were added
  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
SAK-29952 merge PR 1165 from git
  1. /edu-services/branches/sakai-10.x/cm-service
SAK-29873 merge PR 1058 from git
LSNBLDR-570 merge PR 1912 2016 from git
LSNBLDR-500 merge PR 677 from git
  1. /lessonbuilder/branches/sakai-10.x/hbm/oldhbm
  2. /lessonbuilder/branches/sakai-10.x/hbm/oldhbm/org
  3. /lessonbuilder/branches/sakai-10.x/components
  4. … 21 more files in changeset.
SAK-30527 merge sha 74ca973 from git
  1. /web/branches/sakai-10.x/web-tool/tool/src/java/org
SAM-2698 merge PR 2082 from git
SAK-30538 merge PR 1988 from git
SAK-30890 merge PR 2291 from git
  1. /entitybroker/branches/sakai-10.x/utils/src
  2. /entitybroker/branches/sakai-10.x/utils/src/java
  3. /entitybroker/branches/sakai-10.x/utils/src/java/org
SAK-30352 merge PR 1781 from git
  1. /signup/branches/sakai-10.x/api/src/java/org
SAM-2679 merge PR 2191 from git
SAK-29889 merge PR 1068 from git
  1. … 58 more files in changeset.
SAK-29578 merge PR 735 from git
  1. … 165 more files in changeset.
SAM-2671 merge PR 1426 from git
SAM-2523 merge PR 487 from git
SAM-2599 missing StrungUtils import in 10.x
SAM-2599 merge PR 1279 from git
SAM-2357 merge PR 52 from git
SAK-30062 merge PR 1284 from master
SAK-29158 merge PR 453 from git
  1. … 147 more files in changeset.
SAK-28150 merge f1df376 5dd11a from git