Alexandre Ballesté

SAK-23349: Solved a bug for connections between firefox and others.
SAK-23349: Added turn support for firefox videoconference. Still black when calling from chrome to firefox.
SAK-23349: Changing the way to detect IExplorer
SAK-23349: Firefox alrready implements the getVideoTracks. I changed the code to allow firefox use this funtions. And set it up enabled bu default.
SAK-23349 : firefoxAlloew variable is set up to false until media.getVideoTracks() and media.getAudioTracks() will be implemented by firefox in order to use mute or disable video feature
SAK-23349 renamed some variables lost in the refactoring process. Added some control in some cases where user can't know the remote videoagent
SAK-23349: Solved a problem with IE8 when loads chat with video.
SAK-23349: Not showing some elements if the video is disabled
SAK-23349: Changes ta adapt alternative css to videochat
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SAK-23349: get videochat styles out of portalchat.css to portalvideo.css. Added the file and images to the other neo-*
SAK-23349: Loads portavideo.css if videochat is enabled
SAK-23349: Changed* properties to*
SAK-23349: Disabling the option to call directly from site menu if user don't have videoEnabled
SAK-23349: Solved problem with connections in with chrome 27. Disabled firefox for now
SAK-23349: VI-42: Disconnection changen on chrome 27 and can be detected from ice methods.
SAK-23349: Solved hang up on firefox. It can't close remoteStreams
SAK-23349: VI-60 Changes on firefox implementations make necessary to pass more parameters on the offer method
SAK-23349: Some test before updating libraries
SAK-23349: Working on experimental reconnection mechanism for providers that lose connection frequently VI-54
SAK-23349: VI-50: Closed the tool site changing state actions to close M1 (hang up fired)
SAK-23349: VI-10 Solved some errors in the reconnection on windows that previously ignored a call
SAK-23349: VI-9 Debug disabled
SAK-23349: VI-48 When user denies the cam permission is informed on status screen
SAK-23349: VI-40 Solved sites users list is not well aligned.
SAK-23349: VI-41 Included the green cam icon in the site users list
SAK-22349: VI-38 When user hangs up the buttons are changes correctly
SAK-23349: VI-28 Solved problem when user is hanging on and remote is on full-screen
SAK-23349: VI-24 LocalVideo closes whatever happens if it is the last call.
SAK-23349: VI-23: Resolve the bad status on remote window when user accepta a video call but not allow to browser to get media. Also improved the webrtc localMedia Handling and preventing to get used when allowed a timedout session.
SAK-23349: VI-18 Show in minimized mode when receives a call from user you are not chatting with.