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Author 30m 13 This is made in r134418 for SAK-23514, which is not relat...
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Patrick Haggood (deleted user)
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Reviewer - Complete 28m 2 does getCollection return an empty set or null? If the fo...
Reviewer - Complete 38m 5 only one return in comments
Reviewer - Complete 29m 6 Is the point of this just to set the content.keep.deleted...
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Please review the changes to the resource action list and the restore page for soft-deleted files.

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/content-bundles/resources/ Changed   2
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/content-tool/.../tool/ Changed   24
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/content-tool/.../content/sakai_resources_list.vm Changed  
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/content-tool/.../content/sakai_resources_restore.vm Changed  
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/content-tool/tool/pom.xml Changed  
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