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Author 1h 3m 24 This may be useful in the looking at the UTF-8 issues. It...
Reviewer - Complete 1h 45m 15 can we do StringBuilder instead of string concatenation?
Reviewer - 100% reviewed 32m 3 person_contact_email_primary, person_name_family, person_...
Reviewer - Complete 24m 1 Do we want the err object here or maybe err.getMessage()?
Reviewer - Complete 22m 9 delete
Total   4h 7m 52  


Review changes for jiras listed below.

Some test files have been added. Review of test files is optional.

GOOGLE-138 passing the launch URL info to oauth
Google-138 code review changes
Google-37 code review changes
QUALTRICS-94: update log msg and readme
QUALTRICS-111: Add OauthCredentialsFactory and update OauthCredentials
QUALTRICS-149: add user first and last name to Qualtrics panel.
QUALTRICS-172: improved error handling and reporting
QUALTRICS-173: missing entry in roster causes NPE
QUALTRICS-180: update lti-utils readme.
QUALTRICS-186: move properties utilities class
QUALTRICS-202: log exceptions instead of printing them
QUALTRICS-206: clarify debug statements
QUALTRICS-208: part 1: add call to make available the remaining number of bytes available in the setting string.
QUALTRICS-210: change logging level for ssl messages
QUALTRICS-211: deal with failing to retrieve setting value with non-xml characters
QUALTRICS-228: update lti-utils trunk version
QUALTRICS-234: clarify documentation prior to code review

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Pushyami Gundala

Should do a null check for the passed in value from the external application ...

Should do a null check for the passed in value from the external application to Lti-utils in most of the function calls before using it further

/src/main/.../lti/utils/ Changed   8
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/src/main/.../lti/utils/ Changed   2
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/src/.../utils/ Added   4
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/src/main/.../utils/ Added  
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/src/main/.../utils/ Changed   4
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/src/main/.../lti/utils/ Changed   14
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/src/main/.../utils/ Changed   12
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/src/main/java/.../its/lti/ Changed   1
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/src/.../utils/ Added   4
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/src/test/.../utils/ Added   2
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/README-lti-utils.txt Changed  
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/pom.xml Changed  
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