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SAK-30352 performance improvement for SignUp tool
UMICH-1183 EntityBroker metadata stripped from EntityBroker feed with Java 8
DASH-319 do not create dashboard news link for MOTD items; Display the first avaible MOTD item when there is multiple in the list
DASH-318 adapt to recent Assignment entity provider API change - no param is needed for the AssignmentContent getTypeofGradeString() call
UMICH-1036 add the missing semicolon
DASH-299 in Assignment entity support, check for isAvailable first before making dashboard links
UMICH-1054 added read file and Perl script for inserting Dashboard tool into existing MyWorkspace sites
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DASH-309 avoid to insert the repeating calendar item if there is a lastDate definition for the event and the lastDate is in past. It is more complicated to calculate expired item based on occurrence time, so we will not do that now.
DASH-299 remove two unit test case related to tasklock since tasklock is not used now
DASH-299 add checks to site publicity into isAvailable() calls
DASH-173 further modified the select.RepeatingEvents query to give consideration of dashboard process horizon. Please check with the test plan for details
DASH-306 revert r85573 because it seems irrelavant to the unit test failure
DASH-304 added test case for newly added function deleteRepeatingEvent(Long)
DASH-304 remove the repeating event entry if the related CalendarItem and CalendarLink objects are all removed
DASH-306 removed the test case for testUpdatedTaskLock
DASH-300 reduce the verbose dashboard logging level from info to debug
DASH-173 changed sql to remove repeating items either passed the max timestamp, or already processed for max count allowed
DASH-173 changed sql to remove repeating items either passed the max timestamp, or already processed for max count allowed
DASH-173 updated the sql to only select non-expired repeating events
DASH-298 updated the EhCacheFactoryBean
merge DASH-269 branch -r 84518:85340 into trunk
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  2. /dashboard/trunk/tool/src/webapp/jqm/images
  3. /dashboard/trunk/tool/src/webapp/bootstrap/img
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UMICH-953 one decimal score in Test Center shows as two decimal score without rounding in Gradebook
DASH-266 detect the pda string inside the request url
DASH-285 added more info level loggings to dashboard tasks
DASH-282/DASH-291 code fixes based on the code review
DASH-283 handle the PermissionException when the quartz job gets dashboard entities, and also eliminate the tasklock related time checking for quartz calls
DASH-282/DASH-291 updated the comparison routine inside verifyCalendarItem() function to reduce the call to update_calendar_item sql
DASH-283 clean up the java import statements in various quartz job files
DASH-283 added an new job DashCheckAdminChangesJob and updated components.xml file
DASH-283 merge the changes in branch into trunk