Checkout in SakaiContrib

TII-176 isSiteAcceptable returns false ootb (patch from Brian Baillargeon)
TII-175 Add implementation for isSiteAcceptable using site type and site property
TII-174 - Check for missing email when getting instructor list
TII-160 Set a non-zero default value for networkTimeout
EVALSYS-1430 TA selection not shown when no instructor category questions in evaluation
TII-173 Improve checking for transient IO errors
TII-172 Pad assignment title to minimum 2 characters for Turnitin
TII-171 Prefer eid as the email address for guest accounts, refactor getEmail() method
TII-170 Set initial assignment due date to the future to avoid 206 errors
TII-169 Clear errorcode whenever lasterror is cleared
TII-169 Reset report retrieval status after transient error if assignment set to generate reports on due date
TII-168 Resolve user email address correctly
TII-167 Fix roster sync role swap issues
TII-166 Fix notification option logic for student submissions
TII-165 Check for null or empty email address during roster sync
TII-164 Fix NPE from locking code
TII-162 Deleted sites: return true so they are marked as completed
TII-163 Handle deleted sites more gracefully
TII-162 Ignore instructors with no first or last name
TII-161 Code cleanup
TII-161 Code cleanup (comments, commented-out methods)
EVALSYS-1424 Fix POI-related export problems, always use xlsx for Excel export
EVALSYS-1423 Fix slow report export by moving isUserAdmin outside report loop
TII-156 pom and dependency cleanup
SAK-26602 Refactor slightly so that the implementation works with both 10.x and trunk APIs
TII-156 Update Turnitin trunk to build with Sakai trunk (11-SNAPSHOT)
TII-110 Add option to spoil emails sent to TII (patch from Adrian Fish)
TII-151 Allow the erater option for turnitin to have a configurable default, commit patch from John Bush
TII-153 Can't get past locked item (fix from Chuck Hedrick)
SAK-26602 Update TII impl with the new content review api: merge r86631 from branch (Bryan Holladay)