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FIXED: googleLinks.js

- countReplies() no longer auto-counts replies to today's posts, so they will be retrieved and entered into popup.

- replyCounter.addReplyCount() tracks activity if it is an object, and replies if it is array with length > 0.

- FIXED: enter Google+ comment with $().html(comment), as .text(comment) decodes special characters, like single-quotes.
Added video showing Google Drive LTI.
FIXED: portalLinksDom line was missing '\' to include the next line in the property.
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- Added instructions for building and deploying Google Drive LTI to Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
- Added ability to give .p12 file's path as CLASSPATH, so it can be included/accessed in the TP WAR file.
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- Added requested_action 'checkServiceIsAlive', allowing client to make simple GET request to verify the service is alive (added for Amazon AWS Beanstalk).
- Fixed requests to TP to use its URL, rather than hard-coding the URL.
- Added snagit video showing Google Links menu and popups.
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- Improved Popup to hide when M+Google menu is closed or opened, and for the popup to be modified iff there is current data to show.
- FIXED: moved popup div outside the M+Google menu to correct display in CTools.
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- Cleaned up toggleGoogleAppPopup(), removing unused variable 'popupWindowOffset'.
Added updates to DOM as entered for Sakai Property portalLinksDom. The <style> is here, but should be moved to portal.css, along with other CSS for M+Google in CTools.
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Greatly Improved Google Links to display details about Application Data when user clicks on the red box showing count of those items (e.g., # of events on my calendar today).
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FIXED: warning about need for utils.js corrected to indicate This library depends upon utils.js.
Added shrink/expand function to folders, to hide/show all of their contents.
-Simplified code for getting linked folders. This change also filters the folders on the page if the search field is set when the page loads.
- Improved javadoc on putDriveFileChanges().
- Linking a Google folder is now denied if the folder is ancestor or descendant of a currently linked folder.
- Corrected definition of JSON googleDriveConfig.
Added warnings about security issue - request for roster will trust ANY certificate without verifying it.
- Added readme file for this project, and improved javadoc on RequestSignatureUtils.verifySignature().
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FIXED: corrected javadoc for lockInSession().
Added search for unlinked folders.
Created project lti-utils (currently living in Google repository), and cleaned up google-drive-lti project to use this project's jar for handling signatures and requesting roster from TC.
  1. /umich/google/lti-utils/src/main/java/edu/umich/its
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  2. /umich/google/lti-utils/src/main/java/edu/umich
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  3. /umich/google/lti-utils/src/main/java/edu
  4. … 5 more files in changeset.
- Added paging to unlinked table, requesting more Google folders when the scrollbar is near the bottom.
- FIXED: comment mentions data.nextLink, was improper stating non-existing property data.nextPage.
Added powerful functions findMyIframe() and getDistanceFromBottomOfScroll() so page can tell when it is scrolled near to the bottom of the page.
Improved documentation regarding storage of SiteToGoogleFolder links.
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Fixed encoding of quotes, and use list of file types to create menus for creating each type of file (to avoid copy-and-paste bugs).