Checkout in SakaiBranches

UMICH-1164 merge in DASH-336 change into dashboard branch
DASH-334 revert the pom.xml change maded in r318441
DASH-334 catch exceptions thrown during adding/removing dashboard links
DASH-334 Adding or removing rosters is not recognized by the Dashboard: the fix is to switch session users when doing the dashboard entity checks, avoid PermissionException due to null session user id with the Dashboard cron job execution
  1. /dashboard/branches/1.2.x/impl/src/java/org
  2. /dashboard/branches/1.2.x/pack/src/webapp
  3. /dashboard/branches/1.2.x/pack/src/webapp/WEB-INF
DASH-330 use the event resource string (site reference) instead of the event context string
DASH-330 merge r315944 into 1.2.x branch
DASH-330 added event watcher for site publish and unpublish events
DASH-324 merged r315050 into 1.2.x branch
DASH-324 merged r315035 into dashboard release branch
merge r315026 of DASH-328 into dashboard branch
DASH-324 merged r314882 into 1.2.x branch
SAK-26038 merged r307757 into 2.9.x branch
SAK-23527 merged r127967 into 2.9.x branch
DASH-319 merge r86970 into dashboard 1.2.x branch
DASH-299 in Assignment entity support, check for isAvailable first before making dashboard links
UMICH-1056 requirement changed and dashboard tool can be registered for course and project types
UMICH-1056 only enable dashboard tool for MyWorkspace site type
UMICH-1054 merge r86499 into 1.2.x branch
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DASH-309 merged r86324 into 1.2.x branch
DASH-299 merged r86316 and r86317 into 1.2.x branch
SAK-25668 merged the trunk changes since r134011, current branch creation time, into current branch
SAK-25778 merged trunk changes from r306332(this branch first version) up to current head into current branch. Ready for merging
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SAK-25778 removed the extra char in vm
SAK-25778 change the alert message since we are going to support myworkspace resource navigation
SAK-25778 support for user myworkspace sites
SAK-25778 added entity feeds for user workspaces and myworkspace sites
SAK-25778 added the isVisible attribute
SAK-25668 added the detection of auto-cleanup quartz job
SAK-25708 updated writeDBVal call