peter dietz <> in Sakai.Git

SAK-32503 Content Review - VeriCite - Show help text for advanced settings (#4373)

SAK-32478 ContentReview VeriCite to use encryption when uploading (#4356)

* SAK-32478 ContentReview VeriCite to encrypt submission on upload

- Always encrypt, client use headers

* SAK-32478 ContentReview VeriCite - Use non-deprecated toString of object

SAK-32405 - Content Review - VeriCite - Student Preview of plag score (#4191)

SAK-32363 Content Review - Config to Show/Hide Preliminary Report (#4135)

- Add config field: contentreview.config.show_preliminary_score (TRUE)

- Implemented in VeriCite

Allow setting hidden defaults for plagiarism detection (#4071)

Previously, if a field was hidden from the the instructor, then it wouldn't

get set. Now we'll set the value to the default from the configs

- contentreview.option.exclude_quoted == To show field to instructor

- contentreview.option.exclude_quoted.default == default value

- contentreview.option.exclude_self_plag == To show field to instructor

- contentreview.option.exclude_self_plag.default == default value

- contentreview.option.store_inst_index == To show field to instructor

- contentreview.option.store_inst_index.default == default value