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SAK-42183 Samigo: Standardized banners and replaced the messageSamigo banners as well (#7154)

* SAK-42183 Samigo: Standardized banners and replaces the messageSamigo ones

* SAK-42183 fixed typo

* SAK-42183 Resolved some errors

* resolved conflicts within samigo/samigo-app/src/webapp/jsf/template/templateIndex.jsp

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SAK-42175 Standardardized Banners in Site-manage and Assignment (#7157)

* SAK-42175 Site-manage: Standardized Banners

* SAK-42175 Assignment: Standardized banners

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SAK-42055 admin-tools: Standardizing buttons (#7083)

SAK-42101 Consistent Headings in Portal, Roster2, Samigo, Signup, and Site-Manage (#7111)

* SAK-42101 Changed headings to be in h1 tags in portal, roster2, samigo, signup, and site-manage

* SAK-42101 JSF: changed the the view title renderer to enclose the value of sakai:view_title in h1 tags instead of h3 tags & Signup: enclosed the sakai:view_title tags with div class= page-header

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SAK-42124 Standardized Banners in Calendar and Emailtemplateservice (#7155)

* SAK-42124 Calendar: Standardized banners

* SAK-42124 Emailtemplateservice: Standardized banners

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