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SAK-30270 Add option to enforce uploads via web dave to be hidden

- add property content.dav.upload.hidden

SAK-30267 add Availability control to the dnd uploads

- new property content.dnd.visibility.hidden to control default in the ui

SAK-30267 updates to file uploads

- remove support for the older file upload method

- remove content.upload.dragndrop property as dragndrop is the standard

- add styling to dropzone

SAK-30267 Update dropzone from 3.8.4 to 4.2.0

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KNL-1403 BasicEmailService should send all recipient/replyTo headers

SAK-30200 Announcment email notification during site import duplicate.

Note Announcements are normally marked as drafts except when using the

property import.importAsDraft=false

SAK-30172 add new web service to hide resources in a site

SAK-30150 Profile2 regression with Messages

This regression was introduced in SAK-29629 where messagePhoto was


KNL-1399 Add ability to set a default copyright to resources

SAK-30075 minor updates to webservice

SAK-30105 Add Spring Security SAML as an authentication filter

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KNL-1397 SakaiContextLoader improvements

Removal of contextSharedLocation

Convention for loading additional bean defs from sakai.home for webapps

SAK-25544 fix saving itemGradingData

SAK-25544 switch elfinder to us SakaiContextLoaderListener

SAK-25544 add hsqldb scripts

SAK-25544 add oracle sql scripts

SAK-25544 remove integration test projects

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SAK-25544 connectionTestQuery should not be mysql specific

DASH-352 Dashboard Event Processing Thread deadlock during startup

SAK-30077 FilePicker option to hide "Show Other Sites"

SAK-25544 update generic-dao library

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SAK-25544 remove useless files from common

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SAM-2644 Restricted Assessemnts regression

KNL-1386 MessageBundleService fix for Srping + Hibernate Thread issue

SAK-29940 Cleanup VendorHbmTransformer as a result of DB2 removal.

SAK-29298 move js from href to onclick

SAK-29929 Upgrade elasticsearch to 1.7.2

SAK-28001 Remove duplicate asm jars from being deployed

Tika is deploying asm-debug-all, should not have asm and asm-debug-all


SAK-27594 NPE when calling MessageForumsEntityContentProducer.getUrl(String)

SAK-26032 Shortedned URL's encode non ASCII chars

This fixes downloads where files have non ascii characters in the name.

Cached values are consistent with value in the db, and are only encoded

after retrieving from the cache.

Updated cache logic to not use containsExisting as this could still

return null when a cached item expired.