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SAK-30311: Skip undefined users in basiclti roster service

SAK-30311: Skip undefined users in basiclti roster service

SAM-2692: Can't transfer more than one question pool at a time

String parameter was being added in place of an array parameter. Mysql

doesn't support array types, so we can't use statement.setArray here.

Should be safe to simply append the array to the query string since it's

generated from a List<Long>.

SAK-30060: Upon site creation, don't show message about unpublished site from template if it's set to be published

KNL-1083: Content Hosting comparators are incompatible with java 7

SAM-2601: Questions do not copy when copying question pool

Missed min size on annotation

Add field to validation error message

Use javax.validation for simple not null and not empty validations

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Cleanup versions in pom.xml

Merge branch 'master' of into SAK-29405

Some more refactoring

Missing version in cmprovider pom.xml

KNL-1362: Add commons-lang3 to kernel-deploy

Condense cmprovider to a single package

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Remove redundant interfaces in cmprovider

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SAK-29432 Add dropDate field to Enrollment

SAK-29431: Optimize a few queries using subselects in cm-service

SAK-29417: Inherit title and descriptions in Course Management

Titles and descriptions will be inherited as follows:

CanonicalCourse -> CourseOffering -> EnrollmentSet -> Section

Inheritance will only happen if title/description is null or empty.

SAK-29405: Entity Providers for Course Management Entities

Cmprovider provides a RESTful API for updating course management data.

It can be used as an alternative to csv upload or manually adding cm

data to the database. It's built using the entity broker system and can

be accessed at /direct.

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SAM-2551 Groups checkbox list should be displayed on releaseTo select box's onchange event