alex balleste <> in Sakai.Git

SAK-29910 Using Collator instead regular string methods to compare string containing i18n characters for sorting

KNL-1379 Increased SESSION_USER_AGENT size from 255 to 255 CHAR in ORACLE to prevent errors on requests from some browser that send bigger user-agent header

SAK-29574 Adapted presence list to morpheus

SAK-29586 Force to disable video chat when using IExplorer

SAK-29586 Force to disable video chat when using IExplorer

SAK-29575 Some changes in SASS to to show portalchat panel header on the chat bar instead of overlapping.

SAK-29450 : Transaction control is now applied to AssignmetPeerAssessmentService to ensure data is saved when submission are assigned to students to be graded

SAK-29186 Added some changes in portal chat to display names and options correctly with the new morpheus theme

SAK-29317 Changed the style of portal chat messages to help to differentitate own messages from the other

SAK-29303 : tab key is also out of js filter

SAK-29252 Removed from portal chat exclusive code for neoportal. Now all reference are just for Morpheus

SAK-29236 Ensure that the record has been flushed before to retrieve the full scores list from db again to calculate the average score

SAK-29186 Changed user names style in portalchat sass to get them visible if they are too long