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Updating readme for github info

GRBK-1425: removing unnec. repository refs

GRBK-1408, GRBK-1418

- eclipse meta data changes (just run mvn eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse)

- updated some Mock's for new method overriding

- added maven profile gb2.sakai10.x (not yet default)

- added singleton flags to REST Spring beans

GRBK-1412: dateformat exception disabling item summary panel functions like Save button and category dropdown

Some dates (W_DUE) are in unix epoch time format (\d{13}) and caused date parsing to fail - added explcit rexexp test and subsequent 'long' value parse


-adjusted poms for new monolithic versioning in sakai trunk

-changed the spring artifact inclusion for the version of spring in trunk (3.2.3.RELEASE)

note profiles may be needed for previous versions

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- removed restrictions regarding 'released items' and itemstatistics in StudenPanel

also removed Override annotations for Mock methods that for new API additions 'future' Sakai version

NOJIRA: adding reference to pom variable sakai.hibernate.version in server/pom.xml to satisfy jenkins....

- adding patch to codebase since edu-services part is in 2.9.x

GRBK-1392:When the file extension for a Scantron file is in caps (.XLS) get error message....

- added case insensitive match for file extension in FileType matching

GRBK-1390:upgrade gwt-maven to 2.5.0
GRBK-1389:NPE when assignments tool used to grade an assignment defined to create a gradebook item in a category set to NOT be equally weighted items

changed default return value from the getAssignmentWeight methods to BigDecimal.ZERO

### this will change some gradebooks so this requires a full gradebook regression test. ####

GRBK-1387: Remove Show Item Statistics checkbox

- removed the addition of the checkbox to the panel and edu-service setter call during update ONLY:

all other references remain...


- removed check for showRank outside of check for showItemStatistics.

- fixed two NPE's in listeners on ItemFormPanel caused by null'ing of selectedItemModel


- decoupled coursestats from itemstats in service layer

- updated the developmentmodebean to fix the non-working score assignment

and to properly set the gradetype on the gradebook

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- adjusted one application of caching that seemed to be ineffectual and require cache not be null

GRBK-451:Item order in students' gb is not the same as the item order in IOR's gb

- changed the key used in student View for sorting to match the one used in Instrcutor view

GRBK-1333: Display Class Rank

- moved the check for isShowRank outside of the checkfor doReleaseGrades

GRBK-1385:Gradebook setup panel is not properly selected after edit of Cat + save/close

- removed reselection of gradebook itemmodel after a gradebook refresh. Specific selections should properly set the selectedItemModel in the ItemFormPanel to cover for this.


- fixed the borked implentation of hideFinishButtonOnLastCard


- added default values (false) for hideFinishButtonOnLastCard and HideCancelButton

...left unitiialized seems to have caused both to be hidden by default


- fixed the search for the form item in the returned itemmodel to start at the root


- dialog checks for history upon opening regardless of status during first check (for menu items)


- fixed incorrect boolean value for edit comments menu enabled()


- fixed bug that showed menu item in context menu for non-assignment columns


- added status field and i18n string for gradehistory loader

GRBK-817: "Review the right click context menu functionality: for add/edit comments functions"

- moved context menu comment editor and history viewer to a modal dialog (Wizard)

- fixed the state management for selecting cells:

* right-clicking while editing and while not editing a cell

* right clicking on a difference cell would mark the old cell as current.

- added visual feedback of successful save or error for comments panel

- added onError and onSuccess to GradeRecordUpdate ifc for callbacks

- added setHideFinishButtonOnLastCard(boolean) and setLayout(Layout) to Wizard

- added getElement(), getSelectedColumnHeader(), and setSelectedColumnHeader(String) to StudentModelOwner

- added default case blocks in various places where missing

- added stub impl's of new ifc methods for ServerConfigurationServiceMock

- added a 3 new i18n strings


-changed to item on the new event from the gradebook item to the changed item itself


- fixed inital state of save and save/close to be disabled (GRBK-1381)

- updated item tree store with result of server calculations (returned itemmodel for selected edit item)

- changed code order to actually close itempanel every time and reopen if close is not true.

- added some toString methods to display json

NOJIRA: removed @overrides annotations in sitemock

- increasing column length for GB property value

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