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SAK-46044 preferences > editor > no options, just update and cancel buttons (#9623)

SAK-45902 JSF2 disable verifyObjects param for production environment (#9499)

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SAK-45678 fix up loading of jquery on page load (#9403)

SAK-45096 - jsf upgrade for user-tool-prefs (#9216)

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SAK-45006 Control dark theme with a property separate of the theme toggle (#9012)

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SAK-44900 Added Theme tab to Preferences for dark theme (#8969)

* SAK-44900 Added Theme tab to Preferences for dark theme

* Update user/user-tool-prefs/tool/src/java/org/sakaiproject/user/tool/

* Update user/user-tool-prefs/tool/src/java/org/sakaiproject/user/tool/

* Update user/user-tool-prefs/tool/src/java/org/sakaiproject/user/tool/

Co-authored-by: Brian Jones <>

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SAK-42552 Batched preference updates (#7392)

Also, removed mutex from backend service. Properties are now checked

for currency, before obtaining a edit lock.

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SAK-41663 Preferences -> Site. Error getting favorites (#6799)

* SAK-41663 Preferences -> Site. Error getting favorites

* Spacing

SAK-41447 Preferences: Alert when hiding a favorite not working

SAK-34096: Preferences > missing active primary button for 'Sites' and 'Editor' tabs

SAK-33920 Preferences hidden sites shows html entities for non-english characters (#5312)

SAK-33824: standardize the verification/success message in Preferences (#5202)

SAK-33662: abbreviated site title missing in Sakai 11.5+ (#5048)

* SAK-33662: abbreviated site title missing in Sakai 11.5+

* SAK-33662: add full site title to tooltip in preferences > sites

* SAK-33662: re-add reference to local JIRA...

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SAK-33302: apply centralized clone & spin technique to form buttons in Preferences (#4749)

SAK-33240 - Create a user preference panel for CKEditor toolbar type (#4698)

* SAK-33240 - Add user preference panel for CKEditor

* SAK-33240 - Support for portal to expose the editor type for ckeditor

* SAK-33240 - Name of property changed during dev, updating docs

* SAK-33240 - Updating strings to better matching names, removing CKEditor

per John A, some other minor comment tweaks

* SAK-33240 - Protect portal variable better (errors in iframe'd tools)

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SAK-33251 - Remove references to unused fluid from preferences tool (#4694)

SAK-33247 - Cleanup preferences toolbar headers to make adding new tabs easier (#4689)

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SAK-29126 Add a property to control JSF State in (#3559)

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SAK-31618 - Avoid the sole use of device-dependent event handlers (#3404)

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KNL-1284 Allow paths inside WEB-INF for tool registration (#2174)

* KNL-1284 Allow paths inside WEB-INF for tool registration

* KNL-1284 tool reg from /tools/ /WEB-INF/tools/

We allow registrations from multiple locations so that contrib tools continue to work without changes but all the core tools can move their files to a better location.

* KNL-1284 Move tool registration files to WEB-INF

This means that the tool registration files are no longer accessible through requests to the webapps directly. This change was done with:

find . -type d -path '*/webapp/tools' | while read dir; do pushd $dir; cd ..; if [ -d WEB-INF ]; then git mv tools WEB-INF; fi; popd; done

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SAK-31273 Reintroduce site tab display preference (#2808)

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SAK-31173 H2 title in hidden sites is cut off if title is too long

SAK-30952 Show instructions for the hidden sites preference

Introduces a new `hidden_instructions` I18N key that will need


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SAK-31011 Small changes to hidden sites:

* Don't show confirmation on cancel -- We only want to warn the user

about hiding their favorite sites if they're actually submitting the


* Wording change for the confirmation message

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SAK-30597 preferences multi-row selects (time zone and languages) still shows the drop down arrow

SAK-30457 UI updates to new Favorites and User dropdown features

Several changes:

* Correct scroll behavior to make sure we can always scroll to the

bottom of the list.

* Use a custom CSS class for the star icons to allow them to be

overridden via stylesheet change.

* Increase spacing between the button bar and the top of the site


* Add a close button when in desktop view.

* Correct keyboard strangeness

* If a page doesn't have a tool on it, just skip over it.

* Add more space around the "Profile" link.

* Align the user dropdown arrow to align with the username

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SAK-30334 Apply NYU's changes to favorites

There are three pieces to this:

Replace the "Manage tabs" section of preferences


Instead, offer a tab called "Hidden Sites" which only deals with hiding

sites from display. Changing the ordering of sites can now be achieved

using the new "Organize favorites" function of the site drawer.

Manage favorites via the "More Sites" drawer


This commit changes the way "Favorite sites" are presented to the user.

The new behavior is as follows:

* The list of sites along the top of the portal page only shows the

user's workspace, plus any sites they have marked as a favorite.

* There's a "Sites" button next to the user dropdown menu that

displays all of the user's sites (except any they've hidden via the

preferences tool). This opens the "More Sites" drawer.

* In the drawer, the user can click a star icon to mark a site as a

favorite. These are shown along the top of each portal page for

quick access.

* There's also an "Organize favorites" tab, which lets the user

drag/drop their favorite sites to control how they're ordered.

Two translations needed:

* new `sit_refresh_favorites` key in `portal/portal-impl/impl/src/bundle/`

* new `moresite_organize_favorites` key in `portal/portal-impl/impl/src/bundle/`

I've added translations for `en_us` and `en_gb`.

Redesign the user dropdown


Notable changes:

* Just show the user's first name next to their profile

icon (open question: any internationalization qualms here?)

* Show the user's full name and profile picture in the dropdown menu.

* Change the layout of the dropdown menu.

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SAK-25544 Upgrade to spring 4.1.8

Upgrading Spring to version 4.1.8 required

- Quartz 2.2.1 upgrade

- All xml files were updated to the modern XSD beans definition

- Many Tests were updated to using the newer ContextConfiguration

- Annotation as the old AbstractDependencyInjectionSpringContextTests was

removed and tests are now run with AbstractJUnit4SpringContextTests.

- Hibernate 3.6 is still supported in spring 4.1 but not in spring 4.2

- HibernateTemplate's *All methods were removed

- HibernateTemplate.find* needs explicit cast to List<?>

- All Kernel tests were updated to the junit 4 style, and many others


- Kernel test harness was removed as it's not needed

- ContextLoaderListener had some minor changes and was renamed to

SakaiContextLoaderListener (This is what binds sakai component

application context to webapps)

- GenericDAO lib was added to common and also upgraded to spring 4.1

- RSF was also upgraded to spring 4.1, see RSF-16

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SAK-23873 use headscripts includeLatestJquery instead of manual loading

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SAK-29704 upgrade to use latest Fluid 1.5 release

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