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SAK-46514: GROUP is hardcoded on Site Info Tool (#9993)

SAK-45450: Site info, accessibility: Fix missing focus indicator on sections/groups accordions in Site Info (#9579)

* SAK-45450: Add focus indicator and change accordions

Add outline indicator when accordion has focus

Remove info color styling from accordions

Format content as tables

Add and edit some text properties

Add info text when group is full - no gray text and unaccessible buttons

* SAK-45450: Split up single accorion into multiple

This makes reach one focusable with tab

instead oftab + arrow key combinations

Co-authored-by: Markus Stetschnig <>

    • -106
    • +142
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SAK-46153 Site info : blue outline on membership

SAK-45734: Site info - > mobile clicking more on site description, cannot close (#9789)

* SAK-45734 Make Site information responsible

Change jQuerry-UI dialogs to BS modals

Replace Site URL with copy link

Style tables

Add tooltip to replace info link

* Remove lines

* Remove commented lines.

Co-authored-by: Markus Stetschnig <>

Co-authored-by: Miguel Pellicer <>

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SAK-46025 remove info text from 19 about manage participants being moved (#9606)

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SAK-45567 Update Site Creation banner message to standard success banner (#9323)

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SAK-43299 site info > make accordion sections the size of their content (#8660)

SAK-43300 Site Info: Inconsistencies for group panel labels (#7941)

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SAK-43126 Velocity: Deprecated validator (#7839)

* SAK-43126 Velocity: Deprecated validator


$validator.escapeHtml => $formattedText.escapeHtml

$validator.escapeUrl => $formattedText.escapeUrl

$validator.escapeJavascript = > $formattedText.escapeJavascript

* SAK-43126

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SAK-42175 Standardardized Banners in Site-manage and Assignment (#7157)

* SAK-42175 Site-manage: Standardized Banners

* SAK-42175 Assignment: Standardized banners

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SAK-42101 Consistent Headings in Portal, Roster2, Samigo, Signup, and Site-Manage (#7111)

* SAK-42101 Changed headings to be in h1 tags in portal, roster2, samigo, signup, and site-manage

* SAK-42101 JSF: changed the the view title renderer to enclose the value of sakai:view_title in h1 tags instead of h3 tags & Signup: enclosed the sakai:view_title tags with div class= page-header

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SAK-41866 Library: Created standard set of Sakai message banners (#6966)

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SAK-41730 If site has no groups message the participant management doesn't appear (#6865)

SAK-41378 - Add in some text for 19 explaining that Manage Participants has moved (#6598)

* SAK-41378 - Add in some text for 19 explaining that Manage Participants has moved

* Removing inline styles

* Suggestions from code review

* Placing div in if/then

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SAK-40098: site-manage > SWITCH changes for table toolbar controls (#5865)

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SAK-40248: Begin the standardization of the toolbar for table controls (e.g. filtering and paging) across tools (#5744)

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SAK-23258 Disable portal chat from particular sites (#5747)

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SAK-40252: Site Info > Improve location and language of 'Unjoin' button

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SAK-38346 hide the icon from screenreaders[ (#5594)

SAK-34074: Site Info > Participants List > Improve printable PDF formatting (#5467)

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SAK-32760 Add NYU customization to introduce Lessons subpage navigation to the site's tool menu (#4681)

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SAK-32421 Implement site wide MathJax switch to replace per-tool configuration. And add a new CKEditor plugin for previewing and printing content. Add messages to Samigo to warn of MathJax notation conflicts. Only allow enabling of MathJax via the Manage Tools page (and not via Edit Site Information). (#4228)

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SAK-31697 namespace for icons icon-sakai--<tool id> (#3234)

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SAK-31705 Added 'Search Users' facility to ste-info. (#3240)

Added Search input and clear search in the chef_site-siteInfo-list.vm.

If search word is in session state then Participant List is filtered for

the search term in each Participant's displayName and displayId.

Corrected the position of search box in the participant's table.

Have added new variable to STATE_SITE_PARTICIPANT_LIST in SiteAction class

to save the original site members list. Search is case insensitive.

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SAK-31141 Changes to tool names (#2656)

* "My Workspace" becomes "Home"

* "Home" becomes "Overview"

We also change the style of the "Home" button (in the sites toolbar) to

match the other sites.

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SAK-31036 - "Remove all" checkbox in participants list does not appear correctly

SAK-31027 Tablet view - Edit Class Roster(s) table shows extra column

This also solves SAK-31024 Participant list "view x - y of z items"

dropdown appears centered

SAK-31030 Mobile - Auto Groups - table of user roles has extra column

SAK-31031 Link to Parent Site - link/help buttons overlap text

SAK-31032 Mobile - User Audit Log table messy

SAK-31033 Mobile - Import From Site table has extra column

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SAK-31035 Groups Unjoin button does not line up with joined group

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SAK-30519 Site Info Morpheus interface bugs

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