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SAK-32184 Remove redundant -pack projects. (#3912)

* SAK-32184 Remove redundant -pack projects.

Make most -impl projects of type sakai-component which means we have

less modules in the build and our build is smaller.

There were some references left to the -impl projects from things other than -pack projects. These have been refactored, either by moving the code, removing the unused dependency or in a couple of cases re-writing a tiny bit of code.

When deploying don’t create lots of small files which slows down the deployment for me.

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SAK-32027: Search in 'Sites' pop-up doesn't work properly (#3687)

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SAK-31697 namespace for icons icon-sakai--<tool id> (#3234)

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SAK-31141 Changes to tool names (#2656)

* "My Workspace" becomes "Home"

* "Home" becomes "Overview"

We also change the style of the "Home" button (in the sites toolbar) to

match the other sites.

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SAK-31134: No Home button in mobile view to access My Workspace

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SAK-30814 Use consecutive headers in sites drawer

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SAK-30469 Fixes for favorites drawer accessibility

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SAK-30457 UI updates to new Favorites and User dropdown features

Several changes:

* Correct scroll behavior to make sure we can always scroll to the

bottom of the list.

* Use a custom CSS class for the star icons to allow them to be

overridden via stylesheet change.

* Increase spacing between the button bar and the top of the site


* Add a close button when in desktop view.

* Correct keyboard strangeness

* If a page doesn't have a tool on it, just skip over it.

* Add more space around the "Profile" link.

* Align the user dropdown arrow to align with the username

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Incorporates several changes to make the new "Favorites" drawer look better on mobile devices:

* Show the "Organize Favorites" tab as just a "Favorites"

display (without the drag/drop that was there before). The

standard drag/drop library doesn't seem to support touch events, and

mobile users never see the list they were organizing anyway.

* Move the close button to the top right

* Resize the other buttons to fit in a single row

* Fix an issue where the search box wouldn't take focus because it was

underneath another div.

Based on feedback from @jeffpasch and @kyleblythe, introduce the

following changes:

* Only show the "Sites" button to logged in users

* If the user isn't logged in, show all sites in the top bar (to

ensure that Gateway sites are still displayed)

* Remove the "Close" button from the Sites drawer

* Display the Sites drawer as a dropdown-style menu. Align it with

the "Sites" button, display a small arrow, and continue to show the

"Sites" button above the modal overlay to allow the user to click

again to close.

* In mobile mode, hide the tool menu (if it's shown) prior to

displaying the sites list. Otherwise they're both open at once and

things look odd.

* Remove the dropdown arrow from the user menu display

Suggested by @jeffpasch

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SAK-30334 Apply NYU's changes to favorites

There are three pieces to this:

Replace the "Manage tabs" section of preferences


Instead, offer a tab called "Hidden Sites" which only deals with hiding

sites from display. Changing the ordering of sites can now be achieved

using the new "Organize favorites" function of the site drawer.

Manage favorites via the "More Sites" drawer


This commit changes the way "Favorite sites" are presented to the user.

The new behavior is as follows:

* The list of sites along the top of the portal page only shows the

user's workspace, plus any sites they have marked as a favorite.

* There's a "Sites" button next to the user dropdown menu that

displays all of the user's sites (except any they've hidden via the

preferences tool). This opens the "More Sites" drawer.

* In the drawer, the user can click a star icon to mark a site as a

favorite. These are shown along the top of each portal page for

quick access.

* There's also an "Organize favorites" tab, which lets the user

drag/drop their favorite sites to control how they're ordered.

Two translations needed:

* new `sit_refresh_favorites` key in `portal/portal-impl/impl/src/bundle/`

* new `moresite_organize_favorites` key in `portal/portal-impl/impl/src/bundle/`

I've added translations for `en_us` and `en_gb`.

Redesign the user dropdown


Notable changes:

* Just show the user's first name next to their profile

icon (open question: any internationalization qualms here?)

* Show the user's full name and profile picture in the dropdown menu.

* Change the layout of the dropdown menu.

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SAK-30007 Site tab name doesn't obey the user preferences to display long or short description.

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SAK-29736 - Tabs limited to 4 sites and no more sites button visible.

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[SAK-29880] The Drawer´s close `X´ looks hand-drawn in Morpheus

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SAK-29710: Remove useDTHMLMore in portal to fix All sites view

Remove useDTHMLMore in portal to fix All sites view

SAK-29662: UI changes and fixes as per Morpheus Meetings

Below are list of changes of fixes with this commit

1) Make Home icon more prominent by highlighting it to denote user is in

home (my workspace) and other changes

2) bring home to second rown in Desktop view and move to header in

mobile view

3) "More sites" changed to "All sites"

4) All Sites slides from right

5) All sites button appears automatically when all active sites does not

fit in the view .

6) tools icons are not displayed in mobile view to increase real estate

for content.

7) Swipe left on Header ( Top blue bar ) will open All sites

8) Swipe right on Header ( Top blue bar) will open tool menu


1) Publish now going behind tools menu

2) breadcrumbs for sub sites going behind tools menu

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SAK-29474 - Keyboard navigation is broken

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SAK-29335 - New morpheus structure and skin with maven support to compile it

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