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SAK-45460 Samigo histogram (#9237)

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SAK-45475 samigo no submission dark mode fix (#9254)

SAK-43136 Replaced primary color with standard bg color for Samigo Create page plus additional visual tweaks (#9000)

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SAK-44629 Dark mode bug fixes (#8956)

* SAK-44629 Refactor profile2 to work with Dark Mode

* SAK-44629 Some general dark mode fixes

* SAK-44629 update bullhorn-alerts scss

* SAK-44629 update announcements scss

* SAK-44629 update resource scss

* SAK-44629 update rubrics scss

* SAK-44629 sitestats.scss updated

* SAK-44629 connections manager scss updated

* SAK-44629 roster scss updated

* SAK-44629 commons scss updated

* SAK-44629 calendar scss updated

* SAK-44629 mycalendar scss updated

* SAK-44629 Assignments and tool-base scss updated

* SAK-44629 samigo scss updated

* SAK-44629 table scss updated

* SAK-44629 syllabus scss updated

* SAK-44629 navigation, search, timeout, tables scss updated

* SAK-44629 standardize box-shadow on masthead items

* SAK-44629 remove profile2.css file no longer needed

* SAK-44629 rework tool menu on mobile

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SAK-44798 Added consistent spaces between inputs and labels in Samigo settings and fixed labels linked to inputs (#8927)

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SAK-43613 Samigo: Modify text of assessment preview banner (#8841)

SAK-43613 Samigo: Modify text of assessment preview banner

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SAK-44694 use latest libsass maven plugin that depends on jsass 5.10.4 (#8827)

(cherry picked from commit 4d38685bcae97f605fd245facc2caf511ba428e4)

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SAK-44348 Library - dark theme refinement (#8665)

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SAK-42794: refactor checkboxes to radio buttons

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SAK-43981: Library/Portal Dark theme and theme switcher (#8402)

* SAK-43981 WIP move all theme related styles to css custom properties

* SAK-43981 WIP documentation and color clean up in light theme

* SAK-43981 Library/Portal dark/light theme switcher

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SAK-41305: Samigo > Download File Submissions page shows internal IDs for each question

SAK-34439: Samigo > erroneous bold styling on answers to MC, MS and T/F questions

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SAK-38320 add scope to matrix table (#5702)

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SAK-38418 add a label to samigo points (#5622)

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SAK-34104 - When you try to copy a question pool with sub question pool it gets blank lines (#5503)

SAM-3372 Samigo main screen redesign (#5377)

* SAM-3372 Samigo main screen redesign

* SAM-3372 Requested changes on Samigo main screen redesign

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SAM-2949 : Student View: Return to Assessment List link is not aligned & highlight colors (#4346)

- Solved alignment issues. Change the background color for "Return to

assessment list" tab is not viable, because it's difficult to see it.

- This PR reverts in some way "SAM-2721 : use bootstrap classes and grid

for Samigo HTML" (SHA : 87d4bc58e900101191011b1249ed14ed7b17a3ae) from

ottenhoff committed on 8 Mar 2016. So which component is preferable :

h:dataTable, t:dataList or t:dataTable?

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SAM-2610 multiple-choice questions should be wrapped in a fieldset and use a legend. Answers should use labels. (#4443)

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SAK-31713 move library and webjars to top level projects (#3262)

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