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SAK-45646 Gradebook: In mobile, column headings cover user menu

SAK-46106 Library: Added two-tone colours to the Sakai top header bar

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SAK-45142 Library link color contrast (#9084)

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SAK-45018 review high priority tools dark mode (#9037)

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SAK-44629 Dark mode bug fixes (#8956)

* SAK-44629 Refactor profile2 to work with Dark Mode

* SAK-44629 Some general dark mode fixes

* SAK-44629 update bullhorn-alerts scss

* SAK-44629 update announcements scss

* SAK-44629 update resource scss

* SAK-44629 update rubrics scss

* SAK-44629 sitestats.scss updated

* SAK-44629 connections manager scss updated

* SAK-44629 roster scss updated

* SAK-44629 commons scss updated

* SAK-44629 calendar scss updated

* SAK-44629 mycalendar scss updated

* SAK-44629 Assignments and tool-base scss updated

* SAK-44629 samigo scss updated

* SAK-44629 table scss updated

* SAK-44629 syllabus scss updated

* SAK-44629 navigation, search, timeout, tables scss updated

* SAK-44629 standardize box-shadow on masthead items

* SAK-44629 remove profile2.css file no longer needed

* SAK-44629 rework tool menu on mobile

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SAK-44447 Save dark theme to server with user pref plus detect OS theme (#8826)

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SAK-44393 Fixed the design and styling of the dark mode toggle button in the account menu (#8856)

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SAK-44348 Library - dark theme refinement (#8665)

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SAK-43140 Library: Improve hover and active states of favorites menu (#8616)

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SAK-43266: Correct capitalize 'Enter access View' (#8329)

Co-authored-by: Fernando Alvarez <>

SAK-43981: Library/Portal Dark theme and theme switcher (#8402)

* SAK-43981 WIP move all theme related styles to css custom properties

* SAK-43981 WIP documentation and color clean up in light theme

* SAK-43981 Library/Portal dark/light theme switcher

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SAK-43536 - Portal: Log Out option in Account Menu appears as a button (#8132)

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SAK-43426 add !default to material scss definitions (#8010)

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SAK-43134 Library increase color contrast and make consisten between favsites and toolmenu (#7860)

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SAK-42889: Library - enable material design elements (#7712)

* SAK-42889: Library - enable material design elements

* SAK-42889 Add portal variable for become user id

* SAK-42889 Turn on material

Co-authored-by: Adrian Fish <>

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SAK-42819 Fixed the line-height spacing of the username in the Account Menu (#7587)

SAK-42793 Fixed site tool names overflowing top submenu (#7572)

SAK-42642 Add favourite sites stars and functionality to the top bar (#7441)

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SAK-42498 Merge bullhorns together (#7353)

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SAK-42027 Library navigation prevent subnav from disappearing upon scroll (#7078)

SAK-40322 More improvements over the top bar (quick links and username) (#5807)

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SAK-40743 Library: standardized the focus outlines in Sakai, including buttons, links, and form elements (#6101)

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SAK-40643 Library: updated the styles and positioning of the Manage Overview button (#6079)

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SAK-32491 Library: Redesigned and standardized the design and states of Sakai buttons; introduced primary and secondary action buttons (#6057)

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SAK-40520 (#5941)


For "widgets" that are not tools to be included in this list, they need to have category of widget in tool config.

for widgets that have associated tools, to be added without having the tool installed they need the following property added to their configurations:

<configuration name="require.tool" value="false" type="final" />

A "custom_overview" property is now being saved to the site when Manage Overview is saved for the first time. This property stops synoptics from automatically being added when a tool is added to the site. This DOES carry over to duplicated sites.

This CAN be overwritten in Sites, by editting the custom_overview property to be anything other than true. (Plz for sanity purposes use false).


revert unnecessary changes

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SAK-40536 Library: fixed a number of layout and design issues with the page layout, breadcrumbs, and unpublish message (#5935)

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SAK-22701 Text-transformed the role swap words to capitalize the first letter of each word to make the phrase consistent separate of role styling (#5803)

SAK-40316 Cleaned up the top bar, including spacing and alignment, accessibility and usability

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SAK-40322 Fix some misalignments in the header

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SAK-40286 Library: Updated the SASS files to fix minor styling and usage issues with the mixins (#5771)

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