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SAK-45671 gradebookng should use UserTimeService for dates (#9396)

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SAK-41505 Added direct memberships to GB sections columns (#6664)

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SAK-43339 Added group picker to permissions component (#7953)

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SAK-43066 GradebooNG: Deprecated utils.FormattedText => api.FormattedText (#7810)

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SAK-42689 Allow students to be messaged from gradebook (#7505)

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SAK-42144 persist the Group By Category selection to database for user via PreferencesService (#7453)

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SAK-41200 Added section column to gradebook (#6509)

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SAK-41251: GBNG > stack trace when entering grades in table (#6503)

- also implemented feedback messaging when manually entering comments greater than max allowed characters

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Sak 34105: Allow several actions based on "gradebook.editAssignments" permission (#5624)

* SAK-34105: Allow Order items based on gradebook.editAssignments

* SAK-34105: Allow Create, configure, delete grade items based on gradebook.editAssignments permission

* SAK-34105: Allow Student Review Mode based on gradebook.editAssignments permission

* SAK-34105: Allow import, export based on gradebook.editAssignments permission

* SAK-34105: Allow configure tool(edit categories, course statistics, grading scale map,...) based on gradebook.editAssignments permission

* SAK-34105: Remove comments

* SAK-34105: Modify the ta redirection based on the gradebook.editAssignments permission

* SAK-34105: Changes suggested by steveswinsburg in PR

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SAK-34049 Rubrics Integration with GradebookNG

(cherry picked from commit 40dc0438cc50b8bcc302eee7ae24d356ec0eaa22)

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SAK-33836: GBNG > allow configuration of max comment length via (#5319)

* SAK-33836: GBNG > allow configuratin of max comment length via

* SAK-33836: minor code cleanup

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SAK-32769 Improve scalability and performance of the GradebookNG table (#4685)

* SAK-32769 Replace the GradebookNG Wicket DataTable with a progressively rendered table to improve scaling and performance issues

* SAK-32769 fix the save green bg color not showing

* SAK-32769 fix caption in handsontable causing rendering issues in firefox

* SAK-32769 allow the toolbar buttons to wrap and still be clicky

* SAK-32769 round up when .5

* SAK-32769 jump to the assignment column after creation/edit

* SAK-32769 rearrange the toolbar actions

* SAK-32769 tinker the student column and filter styles

* SAK-32769 improve container offsets so scrollbar is visible and clickable

* SAK-32769 allow student cell content to wrap

* SAK-32769 flash green when updating the course grade or category average

* SAK-32769 align cell values in center of cell when student names cause row to be taller than 30px

* SAK-32769 fix alignment of comments icon and word-breaks for student names in firefox

* SAK-32769 fix js error when scrolling past col 15 due to attempted replacement of the student column

* SAK-32769 set autoRowSize to true and ensure header cache clones dom elements to avoid stealing elements from other instances of the some header

* SAK-32769 ensure oldScore of '' is respected

* SAK-32769 replace currentRow and currentCol bg colors with a border-top/border-bottom on the currentRow only

* SAK-32769 add padding around the add gradebook item

* SAK-32769 don't delete the GbGradeTable.lastValidGrades[studentId] out from under a concurrent ajax request

* SAK-32769 Reduce rounding errors when displaying category totals

* SAK-32769 fix fixed grade column width

* SAK-32769 Deal with a null value in the student cell render

* SAK-32769 force fixed row height and put student name on two rows so name and eid is always visible (even if clipped)

* SAK-32769 reduce space around the add gradebook row

* SAK-32769 category average column should be readOnly

* SAK-32769 adjust handsontable z-index so the fixed header doesn't interfere with the site menu dropdowns

* SAK-32769 Temp commit to look into why drop lowest restriction isn't firing.

* SAK-32769 Remove debugging + switch Long comparisons to use .equals

* SAK-32769 add zebra striping to table, lighten category ave bg color, and remove bg color from student and grade columns

* SAK-32769 fix 'x' undefined in conflict notification

* SAK-32769 only allow column filter label to get to ~140px

* SAK-32769 show abbreviated version of title in assignment column headers

* SAK-32769 give course grade and student column left/right padding, clip student cell text if overflow and lighten header cell text color

* SAK-32769 increase metadata popover font size

* SAK-32769 put category weight and label on new line

* SAK-32769 Reduce 'Category' text in GB Item column headers

* SAK-32769 show overridden course grades as bold

* SAK-32769 fix ec bg color not displaying on shaded rows

* SAK-32769 fix sort state not sticking and also not sorting accurately

* SAK-32769 Improve performance on Firefox:

* Cache parsed HTML fragments to avoid lots of parsing

* Don't update style elements if we're not changing their values

* Don't display the ghostly table header

* SAK-32769 fix deserialisation error hit on MoveAssignmentLeftAction by removing the business service from the action class constructors

* SAK-32769 refactor ActionImpl to InjectableAction.. wooooooo

* SAK-32769 ensure invalid doubles are treated as errors

* SAK-32769 fix default sort state and ensure sort state changes as the sort order changes

* SAK-32769 dismiss any feedback messages upon setting a score value

* SAK-32769 add a clear action to the student filter input

* SAK-32769 fix NPE in import process

* SAK-32769 only have two sort states desc and asc (remove the weird 'null' state)

* SAK-32769 allow filter dropdown menu items to wrap

* SAK-32769 update the grade item title validation rules to only check for # at beginning of the string

* SAK-32769 disable the continue button until an import file has been selected

* SAK-32769 fix icon prefix for 11.x and default icon to fa-globe if cannot map external app

* SAK-32769 Implement decimal helpers to handle locale for incoming decimal values with a float. Also ensure the locale is used when displaying a decimal value to the user.

* SAK-32769 Squash into 49c0540f31

* SAK-32769 First pass code review -- add final to final attributes, remove fixme and clarify `this` calls

* SAK-32769 Fix typo in gbgrades js

* SAK-32769 Fix viewing grade summary not clearing selection so keyboard cannot interact with dialog

* SAK-32769 Fix positionModalAtTop throwing a js error

* SAK-32769 Fix GradeUpdateResponse not including whether course grade was an override so lost bold on course grade column cell

* SAK-32769 fix required CSS not adding to Wicket labels and show asterisk on those required fields

* SAK-32769 don't allow TA's to see unreleased course grade via student grade summary panel

* SAK-32769 hide edit settings link from TAs in tooltip grade release tooltip

* SAK-32769 TA should be able to view all course grade elements if they have been granted permission (regardless of whether the course grade is released to students)

* SAK-32769 ensure TA without course grade permission doesn't see course grade after setting a score

* SAK-32769 ensure TA permissions are checked when setting up the course grade formatter for the grade summary panel

* SAK-32769 only show the unreleased warning on the grade summary to the TA if they have access to view the course grades

* SAK-32737 - Decimal separator issues in categories & weighting (#4645)

* SAK-32751 when uncatagorised, ensure that when assignment is true in the database always show this as uncounted in the UI, as it is not counted until assigned to a category (this matches the gradebook classic behaviour)

* SAK-32769 increase out-of font-size

* SAK-32769 add hide action to assignment and category column menus

* SAK-32769 Remove FIXME

* SAK-32769 Use jackson to generate our JSON

* SAK-32769 Remove stray FIXME

* SAK-32769 Reformat code using eclipse

* SAK-32769 refactor GbGradebookData to take the GbGradeTableData rather than overloading the constructor

* SAK-32608 Port student number customisations to the new progressive render GradebookNG table

* SAK-32608 Deal with the fact that CandidateDetailProvider might not be present.

* SAK-32608 remove unused student number java panels

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SAK-32608: Extend CandidateDetailProvider to provide institutional numeric ids (student numbers) for use in Gradebook (#4496)

* SAK-32608: Extend CandidateDetailProvider to provide institutional numeric ids (student numbers) for use in Gradebook

* SAK-32608: fixed issue with category column positioning when student number column is visible

* SAK-32608: added api method to bypass candidate student number visibility permission to facilitate business cases that require the number

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Add final grade mode to gradebook and allow importing course grades (#3730)

* Remove unused code and cleanup other compiler warnings

* Add a proper GradingType enum. Remove the GbGradingType enum that wrapped the values and switch GBNG over to use it.

Added the settings for Final Grade Mode and wired it all up in GBNG.


* Update components for when when final grade mode is activated

Add the pieces to the beans on the backend.


* #3431 do not do grading schema validation if final grade mode is enabled.

* #3431 Course grade override import WIP

* 3431 Add the ability to import course grade overrides

* #3431 Fix the heading display in the confirmation screen

Adjust the max length of the text allowed in the override panel

Properly check for both and gradebook setting for final grade mode

Refactor a long if/else statement in the import helper to be a case switch for better type checking

Add $ to the list of disallowed characters in gb item titles

* #3431 Fix javadoc

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Remove unused code and cleanup other compiler warnings (#3297)

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Remove unused code and cleanup other compiler warnings

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#3036 Add a new method that processes the assignment list if given a studentId to cater for external assignments being group scoped.Wire up the various panels to use it. (#3039)

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1840: check for concurrent edits from database grade events (#2511)

* 1840: add new service method to return all grading events for a set of assignments after a given timestamp; and use this new API to check for concurrent changes instead of the using the notifications in memory

* 1840: hit the gradebookService directly to get the assignments for the current user to avoid 5 SQL selects

* 1840: add index to GB_GRADING_EVENT_T for DATE_GRADED

* 2511: rename userCache to users, as it's only a temporary 'cache' to avoid service calls within the lifespan of the method call

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#1587 Wired up the NG EntityProducer and ContextObserver more fully. Deprecate a bunch of the code in the old gradebook entity producer so that it is noted that it can be removed later.

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Moved work to gradebookng/

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