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SAK-43600 - Gradebook: Make delete item confirmation popup say WHICH item you're deleting (#8191)

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SAK-42174 Switch, Gradebookng, Site, Reset-pass: implemented new banner classes (#7140)

* SAK-42174 gradebookng implemented new banner classes

* SAK-42174 site implemented new banner classes

* SAK-42174 reset-pass implemented new banner classes

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SAK-33098 add bulk edit for gradebook items (#6111)

* SAK-33107 add the ability to scale point grades

* SAK-33098 bulk edit panel, rendering assignments and actions section

* Fix button style on delete item panel

* SAK-33098 move actions into columns for each assignment and wire up to business service to update the assignments

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Update namespaces (#3906)

* Remove unused code and cleanup other compiler warnings

* #3843 update namespaces

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1789: ensure all modal windows have their title set as the aria-labelledby relies on this modal <h3> element (instead of having the header in the modal content)

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Moved work to gradebookng/

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