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SAK-33472 add warnings when grading schema has been modified (#5240)

* Remove unused code and cleanup other compiler warnings

* Add rebel.xml to gitignore so that JRebel project config is not committed

* Add method to gradebook-settings.js to allow a chart to be refreshed with the schema data

Wire up the new JS method in the refresh of the grading schema

Add method to formathelper to handle encode and decode

* SAK-33466 Fix the course grade mapping

Move the sorting of the grading schema map into the service.

Ensure that the grading schema map is always sorted before applying the course grade lookup mapping so that the mapping applies correctly. This should resolve a long standing bug where course grades may not be mapped correctly or consistently.

Fix a bunch of compiler warnings.

* SAK-33466 Update gradebook classique for the modified GradeMapping code

* SAK-33466 Update the DoubleComparator to cater for null Doubles in the comparison

* SAK-3347 Add warning when grading schema has been modified from the default.

Remove properties file that was committed to the wrong location in an earlier PR.

* SAK-33472 add warning when the grading schema values have been modified

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SAK-32415 - Add persian translation (#5030)

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