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SAK-30828 Normalize sakai logging

- remove commons-logging (jcl)

- add logging to those projects where it was removed

- convert System.out to log messages in many projects

- add jcl-over-slf4j lib

- update many dependencies to inherit from master

- update logging for tests

- add lombok to global dependency (@Slf4j)

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Reformatted and cleaned up every class that needed it, fixing any issues along the way. This is due to the latest code style eclipse preference we are using. Deleted the unused StringModel and fixed the tests.

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Move uotpdategrademapping to BaseHibernateManager so it is shared Remove the commented out code, now finalised. Remove compiler plugin so we use the main one. Removes the restriction on JRE 1.7. Update eclipse settings to allow 1.8 compliance Fix sorting based on grading schema name Migrate a few iterations over to single line lambdas.


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Moved work to gradebookng/

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