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SAK-31995: Title not displaying in the contact us tool (#3654)

Revert SAK-30715: Use for boxes 2+3 if no technicalAddress (#2786)

superseded by SAK-31184

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SAK-30715: Use for boxes 2 and 3 if technicalAddress not set (#2220)

SAK-30715: Use constant for hard coded string

SAK-30715: Default value for MAIL.SUPPORT

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SAK-31184 feedback improvements (#2504)

* SAK-31184 Turn Help Panel into own email form

This change changes the Help panel to have it's own backing email form.

As well as own email destination, configurable service name, and

configurable link.

* Create Reusable EmailForm Template

This change creates a reusable emailForm template which may be used

to by various panels to send emails with customizable (via bundles)


* Each panel can now be a link or form

Within the feedback tool, each panel may now be a link or a form.

The only exception is that the content panel is always an email form.

The suggestions, helpdesk, and technical panels may all be either an

email form or an external link.

* Add two optional panels to feedback

This change adds in two default hidden panels to the feedback tool.

These panels allow administrators to configure additional "modules" /

services / etc available to users within the feedback tool. The panel's

are just shells, so they will need to be configured (setting up their

messages via bundles).

* Improve styling

These changes improve the styling of the feedback tool.

* Icons are now configurable via bundles, in the form of

bundleCategory_icon_no_translate. For example,

content_icon_no_translate or ask_icon_no_translate.

* Icons are now a fix width.

* The header now has a set height

* Bullets are added to each panel's explanation, as well as improved

spacing between items

* The panel's action (i.e. link or to emailForm) is at the bottom of

the panel and centered.

* Each panel's height and width has been increased to allow for the

explanation to not be as squished

* Improve link style

* Improve centering of bottom link

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SAK-30778: Add in info if url not set

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SAK-29599 : feedback-help-item is not used

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SAK-29537 : helpdeskUrl has no effect over the application

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SAK-29538 : Help links causes 404

I18n upgrade

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SAK-29592 : Suggestions panel should not be shown if featureSuggestionUrl is empty

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SAK-29566 : Missing <title>

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SAK-29271 Base code

Base code for the feedback tool

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