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SAK-45883: Recurring error "ERROR: org.sakaiproject.velocity.util.SLF4JLogChute.log"

SAK-45537 - Resources: Ability to secure files in resources.

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SAK-43405 - SWITCH: Resources tool : Fix bad pattern in the first selected tab (#8017)

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SAK-43126 Velocity: Deprecated validator (#7839)

* SAK-43126 Velocity: Deprecated validator


$validator.escapeHtml => $formattedText.escapeHtml

$validator.escapeUrl => $formattedText.escapeUrl

$validator.escapeJavascript = > $formattedText.escapeJavascript

* SAK-43126

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SAK-33944 - Users Present icon does not display users when using the Resources, Dropbox, email, and wiki tools (#7488)

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SAK-42314 Fix Resources header, remove duplicates, check tool (#7412)

SAK-42102 Create consistent page headers for Announcements, Calendar, Forums, Dropbox, Email, and Email Archive (#7116)

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SAK-42121 Content: implemented new banner classes in Resources (#7139)

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SAK-42050 Resources, Gradebook, Tests and Quizzes, Rubrics standardizing primary action buttons (#7098)

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SAK-33906 Problem with line breaks and double quotation marks in info icon of resource

SAK-41092: Drop Box > add more highlight options

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SAK-32491 Library: Redesigned and standardized the design and states of Sakai buttons; introduced primary and secondary action buttons (#6057)

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SAK-40132 Resources - Accessibility - Add the eye-slash icon and text to indicate a hidden file or folder in Resources (#5955)

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SAK-40287 Library: Made the footer positioning more efficient on every page load (#5773)

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SAK-40222: resources > add accompanying text to the 'Paste' icons (#5731)

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SAK-34106 - In resources, warning message shows as success

SAK-34015 Actions selector in 'Resources' has no right border-radius (#5401)

SAK-34014: 'Copy Content from My Other Sites' link still disappears at smallest breakpoint (#5399)

SAK-33312 Problem with line breaks and double quotation marks in a resource item description (#4892)

* SAK-33312 - Updated, sakai_resources_list.vm

* SAK-33312 Updated, low-security-policy.xml, high-security-policy.xml

* Removing inserted spaces

* Removing whitespace

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SAK-33509 - Changing the text to just display as a button title tooltip (#5177)

SAK-33509 Disabled actions on site resources (#4914)

* SAK-33509 Updated, sakai_resources_list.vm

* Updating based on Neal's comments

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SAK-33390 - International characters lost resizing (#4852)

It trims the item name when has more than 25 characters, trimming HTML entities if are present.

The current solution is a really bad practice, this request proposes another approach using the ellipsis, will be good if some expert can throw feedback.

I've tested it and works fine.

SAK-32426 - Accessibility block for visually impaired users - Resources Redirection (#4561)

SAK-32599 - Problem with new copyright dialog and weblinks (#4484)

SAK-32371 : Resources doesnt use font awesome icons (#4297)

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SAK-31610 dont use bootstrap dropdown-toggle class (#4322)

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SAK-31804 Clicking on + on folder icon in Mobile view does not show the contents of the folder (#4316)

SAK-30972 Alignment issue with pagination buttons when viewing resources from other sites (#4274)

SAK-30959 "Select" column too wide in default screen (#4221)

SAK-31800 Show Resources Copy Content option on a tablet sized screen (#4042)

although not on a mobile sized screen.