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SAK-46443 add missing licenses (#9949)

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SAK-45978: Spanish translations before 22 (#9555)

* SAK-45978: Spanish translations before 22

* SAK-45978: Spanish translations before 22

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SAK-46236 hiding a tool removes all permissions associated with viewing the tool (functions.require). (#9910)

But re-enabling the tool must only grant minimum permissions and not all permissions.

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Sakai Developement Version 23-SNAPSHOT

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SAK-46030 Content Improve Drop Box authorization (#9639)

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SAK-40738 CKEditor autosave alerts about saved text for ckeditor other than the one that originated the autosave (#9857)

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SAK-46036 missing msg bundle keys (#9816)

SAK-45739 - Resources: URLs with Bad Syntax can be added to Resources

SAK-46222 - Arabic Translation: Translate Sakai 22 to Arabic

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SAK-46114 copyright enforcement can be bypassed using drop box (#9685)

SAK-46033 resources > edit > no copyright warning when flipping copyright back to 'please select...' (#9612)

SAK-46036 resources > better grouping of buttons and email notification component (#9613)

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SAK-45883: Recurring error "ERROR: org.sakaiproject.velocity.util.SLF4JLogChute.log"

SAK-45799. Catalan language update for Sakai master (#9471)

Co-authored-by: Mateu Llas Rubio <>

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SAK-45823: Update Spanish translations (#9468)


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NOJIRA content-metadata: organize Imports (#9369)

SAK-45660 Update spanish translations for master (#9392)

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SAK-45681 Update catalan translations for master

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SAK-45569 Set sakai.content.resourceLimit default to 5000 (#9355)

Avoid out of memory issues.

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SAK-45554 Check lings when clicking remove (#9305)

SAK-33610 Check for top-level content collections (#9330)

Collections like /content/user/ don't have associated contexts, so

the siteId check was returning null rather than !admin.

Check for the number of path elements instead.

SAK-44758 Remove empty column from filepicker

I've tried to find out why it was added in the first place but not sure

I understand it (see

SAK-44760 Dropbox restoring wrong folder name

SAK-45537 - Resources: Ability to secure files in resources.

SAK-44785 Add "direct-upload" endpoint to content entity provider (#8977)

This adds a new endpoint that allows members of a site to upload a file

to resources whether or not they have permission to do so. Those without

permission will have their file sent to a folder called by default

student-uploads. Those with permission to add a resource will be have theirs

sent to instructor-uploads.

This endpoint is diabled by default and can be enabled by setting the sakai

property Additionally, the direct-upload

folder names can be overriden in

This new endpoint integrates with the CKEditor to provide drag and drop embedding

and image upload capabilities.

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SAK-44979 Assignments / reorder - due date moved to next line when instructors have long list of assignments (#9102)

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SAK-45464 Swap labels for add web links input fields (#9239)

SAK-44958 TR Files Updated (#8991)

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SAK-44768 Move Copyright Message under Copyright Status (#8887)

Resources: students have the "copy" option in the drop-down even though it does nothing (#8842)