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SAK-32679 - Refactor / Cleanup / Prepare for Assignments LTI (#8408)

* SAK-32679 - Adding an LTI Assignment type

* SAK-32679 - Very minimal MVP

* SAK-32679 - Add the launch protect field and feature

* SAK-32679 - Clean up UI, suport iframe and new window and resize

* SAK-32679 - Missed a file

* SAK-32679 - Handle the handoff from assignments to LTI

This makes sure that LTI links coming from assignments can't be

launched from elsewhere. It also handles a pretty dynamic set of

situations which would lead to double launching (new window scenario)

that would trigger 403s - instead we force a re-unlock through a

refresh of the "open in a new window" page.

* SAK-32679 - Accesslint fix and typo

* SAK-32679 - MVP of the tool selector


- Restore draft title and id on post errors

- Restore old title and id on edit

- Test test test - including all the content item stuff

* SAK-32679 - Tool title throughout and instructor launch

* SAK-32679 - Fix some of the broken flows

* SAK-32679 - Catch up with master changes

* SAK-32679 - Rename a few things and document

* SAK-32679 - Fix small bug, re-enable data model changes

* SAK-32679 - Document / cleanup - support subission and available

* SAK-32679 - Remove assignments mods and LTI data changes

This should now backport to -19 and -20

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