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SAK-46441 Assignments : validation of model answer not happening (#9947)

SAK-46444 Assignments : show closed date error message (#9950)

* SAK-46444 Assignments : show closed date error message

View submission page wasn't displaying it either (submission.CloseDate

doesn't even exist). As the same information had to be used on 2 screens

and it was already being processed elsewhere, I refactored two methods

into one and added a tiny piece of logic.

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SAK-46453 Assignment remove @Transactional from AssignmentToolUtils#gradeSubmission (#9956)

Also adjusted the bean to use the FQDN pattern

SAK-45809 Assignment missed new submission setDateSubmitted

SAK-45809 Assignment don't decrement resubmission on first submit (#9955)

SAK-46192 - Refactor Assignments / LTI External Tools For Sakai 21/22 (#9769)

The LTI support for Sakai 21 - worked, but there are a number of places where the Assignments shows information in the UI or is missing information in the UI that makes it hard to use. The basic problem was that all of the handling of scores in Sakai for LTI tools was handled by the Gradebook.  This made much of the Assignments workflow in Sakai pointless or badly broken for LTI Assignments.

The big picture of this change is that for LTI tools placed in Assignments, the grade flow is to/from the Assignments service no longer the grade book service but instead the assignment service and assignments sends grades to the gradebook using its internal logic.  With that change, there are current and emergent LTI grade flow features like activityStatus, gradingStatus, and the submission review launch that Sakai can now support with this change.

This is a dramatic improvement of the LTI integration into Assignments but the good news is that there are no data model changes and this should back port to Sakai 21 nicely.

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Sakai Developement Version 23-SNAPSHOT

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SAK-43155 Assignments Work Log Feature (#9888)

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SAK-44930 Turnitin options should not be displayed when alert appears when posting an assignment (#9905)

SAK-40813 Add assignment extension feature (#7754)

This feature allows an instructor to provide a new accept until date for

a student that did not submit an assignment in time. This new date only

applies for one submission by the student. After that, the normal resubmission

process takes over.

Co-authored-by: kozar <>

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SAK-46359 Filter out null feedback attachments for grader (#9892)

SAK-44853 Create unified UserMessagingService (#9887)

* SAK-44853 Create unified UserMessagingService

* Remove spring-data-commons version override

Co-authored-by: Earle Nietzel <>

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SAK-40738 CKEditor autosave alerts about saved text for ckeditor other than the one that originated the autosave (#9857)

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Revert "SAK-44853 Create unified UserMessagingService (#9512)"

This reverts commit 0f35efdc538d677ab368bba78a511f0ae580b073.

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SAK-44853 Create unified UserMessagingService (#9512)

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Revert "SAK-43155: Worklog tab in assignments (#8996)"

This reverts commit 27d0a9664f0b062ad696590bb62e74125c5d8165.

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SAK-43155: Worklog tab in assignments (#8996)

* SAK-43155: Worklog tab in assignments

* SAK-43155: Resolved Codacy Issues

* SAK-43155: solving timesheet calendar not saving picked date

* SAK-43155 fixing core comments

* SAK-43155 fixing more core comments

* fixing json serializer error messages

* SAK-43155: Resolve Issues Hibernate

* SAK-43155: Resolved Issue sakai-reference

* SAK-43155: Resolved test JUNIT

* SAK-43155: Resolved *.vm issues

* correctTime -> timeHasCorrectFormat

* regTime -> duration. No el nombre de la columna de BBDD, sino la variable relacionada

* asnComment -> comment. No el nombre de la columna de BBDD, sino la variable relacionada

* Cambio de String a Long

* Mover pattern al constructor

* if para evitar NPE

* Cambios en columnas de BBDD

* Quitar findFirst()

* AssignmentService. Nomenclatura de metodos y context -> siteId

* deleteTimesheet. se obtiene contexto desde timeSheet antes de revisar permisos

* Eliminar getSubmissionSubmitter y findSubmissionSubmitter

* Cambios de Fish en javascript

* ultimos retoques

* SAK-43155: Resolved ALL remaining issues

* SAK-43155: Resolved TEST problems

* Update assignment/impl/src/java/org/sakaiproject/assignment/impl/

* Update assignment/tool/src/webapp/js/assignments.js

* Update assignment/tool/src/webapp/js/studentViewSubmission.js

* Update assignment/impl/src/java/org/sakaiproject/assignment/impl/

* changes tuesday sept 28

Co-authored-by: Victor <Victor@>

Co-authored-by: victorGomollon <>

Co-authored-by: victorGomollon <>

Co-authored-by: Adrian Fish <>

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SAK-45992: Fixed Bullhorn Notification for group assignment with futu… (#9864)

* SAK-45992: Fixed Bullhorn Notification for group assignment with future open date

* SAK-45992: changed !(openTime.isAfter( to openTime.isBefore(

SAK-45967: No bullhorn notification when clicking post for assi… (#9863)

* SAK-45967: Fixed No bullhorn notification when clicking post for assignment that was draft

* Update assignment/tool/src/java/org/sakaiproject/assignment/tool/

Co-authored-by: Adrian Fish <>

Co-authored-by: Adrian Fish <>

SAK-43911 Drag and Drop Reorder lists should display a grabbing cursor (#9393)

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SAK-45693 Assignments functionally change "A grade" (#9763)

SAK-46304 Assignments grading pane is not visible (#9855)

When using property assignment.grade.default=false

SAK-46298 Assignments - Student's inline submission text is not submitted for content-review when using the Upload All feature (#9851)

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SAK-46133 Assignments-Video Recording: move focus to buttons below video when recording starts

SAK-46169 - Assignments - submitted attachment lists include "Inline Submission.html" which is an implementation detail (#9768)

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SAK-45409 Honor pledge blocks access to closed assignments

SAK-46189 Reset group locking flag in template foreach iteration over groups

SAK-46179 Assignments - Peer Review - no primary action button, button order questionable

SAK-44872 - Remove FCKEditor from the build.

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SAK-29960 Upgrade log4j impl 1 to 2 (#9302)

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