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Sakai Developement Version 23-SNAPSHOT

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Move version to 22-SNAPSHOT

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SAK-43319 Fixed various grade types in Grader. (#7975)

Reusing Assignments i18n bundle

dialog feedback working ok

inline feedback working

private notes and cancel working better

rubric saving working

Added rubric grader button

fixed date picker

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Update master to new developement version for Sakai 21

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Moving version to 20-SNAPSHOT

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SAK-40116 - Update Master version to 19-SNAPSHOT

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Updating Sakai master to 13-SNAPSHOT

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SAK-32101 Assignments service refactor (#4712)

* SAK-32101 refactor PeerAssessment to use JPA

* SAK-32101 rename Assignment in edu service to GradebookAssignment

* SAK-32101 Persistence mostly completed

* SAK-32101 Add JSON/XML serialization to persistence

* SAK-32101 AssignmentService

* SAK-32101 AssignmentService 2

* Adapted service and persistence entities to work with existing services.

* AssignmentService Unit Tests setup with Repository

* More additions to assignment service

* Lots of new stuff but mostly Reference Reckoner.

* updated test

* remove assignmentReferenceUtil and use AssignmentReferenceReckoner

* Add test for removing assignments

* remove BaseAssignmentService after rebase

* updateAssigment test

* addSubmission implemented with test

* Rearrange persistence class inheritance

* Added removeSubmission and tests

* flush session after merge

* minor change

* updated persistence methods

* finished adding remaining methods to service

* AssignmentAction refactor part duo

* AssignmentsAction refactor part 3

* AssignmentAction refactor completed

* More AssignmentsAction refactor

* AssignmentAction builds

* Refactor around sakai in relation to AssignmentsService

* Assignment template fixes part 1

* More template fixes and content review added back

* Few more refactors after sync with master

* Rearrange project structure

* ReFormatting

* Code refactor

* AssignmentAction and template fixes

* Fixed hideduedate, modified dates, author is populated

* Reformatting

* Assignment to GradebookAssignment refactor

* Assignment to GradebookAssignment refactor 2

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SAK-32323 Remove redundant maven sections. (#4079)

As all modules in the build inherit from the master pom.xml and this defines most sections all modules in most cases shouldn’t redefine things like the license and issue tracker as it’s redundant.

Also corrected Jira URL in master.

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SAK-32184 Remove redundant -pack projects. (#3912)

* SAK-32184 Remove redundant -pack projects.

Make most -impl projects of type sakai-component which means we have

less modules in the build and our build is smaller.

There were some references left to the -impl projects from things other than -pack projects. These have been refactored, either by moving the code, removing the unused dependency or in a couple of cases re-writing a tiny bit of code.

When deploying don’t create lots of small files which slows down the deployment for me.

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SAK-31571 remove job scheduler deployer (#3092)

- moved deps quartz, opencsv to the general deployer

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SAK-30345 Updated all the standard versions.

mvn -f master/pom.xml versions:set -DnewVersion=12-SNAPSHOT -DgenerateBackupPoms=false

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SAK-30345 Removed duplicate <version> tags.

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SAK-29742 Update to GitHub SCM in pom.xml

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SAK-26062 removing old help files in preparation for rewritten and centralized help

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SAK-25742 update trunk to 11-SNAPSHOT

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

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SAK-25386 update trunk poms to 10.0-SNAPSHOT as well as out-dated 2.10 references.

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

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SAK-23517 - Standardize parsing of grades in assignments

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

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SAK-23907 removing references to sakai.*.version so maven dependency management is used instead

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

SAK-23907 removing assembly and POM cleanup

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

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SAK-23812 Peer Review feature for Assignments

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

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SAK-22321 add relativePath and sonatype snapshot repo

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

SAK-21580 update indie master to 2.10-SNAPSHOT in trunk

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release assignment-2.9.x

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare branch assignment-2.9.x

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SAK-21564 - First pass; moving pure-poms parents back to master, cleaning up most duplication.

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

SAK-21442 remove build extension - redundant.

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

SAK-21442 typo

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

SAK-21442 slim down <distributionManagement>

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a


git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a