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SAK-43319 Fixed various grade types in Grader. (#7975)

Reusing Assignments i18n bundle

dialog feedback working ok

inline feedback working

private notes and cancel working better

rubric saving working

Added rubric grader button

fixed date picker

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SAK-43212 Assignments : 'missing key' log error (#7881)

It seems that bit of text is managed differently since SAK-33914.

Removing orphaned translation keys too

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SAK-43205 Assignments : missing key on preview page (#7880)

Also removing translation keys orphaned since SAK-42354

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SAK-40960 Solved navigation problem previewing submission

Also removed unused property strings and fixed list display.

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SAK-41032: change "Due" header message key (#6335)

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SAK-40966: remove deadl from bundles

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SAK-32101 Assignments service refactor (#4712)

* SAK-32101 refactor PeerAssessment to use JPA

* SAK-32101 rename Assignment in edu service to GradebookAssignment

* SAK-32101 Persistence mostly completed

* SAK-32101 Add JSON/XML serialization to persistence

* SAK-32101 AssignmentService

* SAK-32101 AssignmentService 2

* Adapted service and persistence entities to work with existing services.

* AssignmentService Unit Tests setup with Repository

* More additions to assignment service

* Lots of new stuff but mostly Reference Reckoner.

* updated test

* remove assignmentReferenceUtil and use AssignmentReferenceReckoner

* Add test for removing assignments

* remove BaseAssignmentService after rebase

* updateAssigment test

* addSubmission implemented with test

* Rearrange persistence class inheritance

* Added removeSubmission and tests

* flush session after merge

* minor change

* updated persistence methods

* finished adding remaining methods to service

* AssignmentAction refactor part duo

* AssignmentsAction refactor part 3

* AssignmentAction refactor completed

* More AssignmentsAction refactor

* AssignmentAction builds

* Refactor around sakai in relation to AssignmentsService

* Assignment template fixes part 1

* More template fixes and content review added back

* Few more refactors after sync with master

* Rearrange project structure

* ReFormatting

* Code refactor

* AssignmentAction and template fixes

* Fixed hideduedate, modified dates, author is populated

* Reformatting

* Assignment to GradebookAssignment refactor

* Assignment to GradebookAssignment refactor 2

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