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SAK-32101 Assignments service refactor (#4712)

* SAK-32101 refactor PeerAssessment to use JPA

* SAK-32101 rename Assignment in edu service to GradebookAssignment

* SAK-32101 Persistence mostly completed

* SAK-32101 Add JSON/XML serialization to persistence

* SAK-32101 AssignmentService

* SAK-32101 AssignmentService 2

* Adapted service and persistence entities to work with existing services.

* AssignmentService Unit Tests setup with Repository

* More additions to assignment service

* Lots of new stuff but mostly Reference Reckoner.

* updated test

* remove assignmentReferenceUtil and use AssignmentReferenceReckoner

* Add test for removing assignments

* remove BaseAssignmentService after rebase

* updateAssigment test

* addSubmission implemented with test

* Rearrange persistence class inheritance

* Added removeSubmission and tests

* flush session after merge

* minor change

* updated persistence methods

* finished adding remaining methods to service

* AssignmentAction refactor part duo

* AssignmentsAction refactor part 3

* AssignmentAction refactor completed

* More AssignmentsAction refactor

* AssignmentAction builds

* Refactor around sakai in relation to AssignmentsService

* Assignment template fixes part 1

* More template fixes and content review added back

* Few more refactors after sync with master

* Rearrange project structure

* ReFormatting

* Code refactor

* AssignmentAction and template fixes

* Fixed hideduedate, modified dates, author is populated

* Reformatting

* Assignment to GradebookAssignment refactor

* Assignment to GradebookAssignment refactor 2

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SAK-29791 Remove covers from assignments. (#3437)

* SAK-29791 Remove covers from /assignment

This highlights that there were some differences between the API and cover as the exceptions were different.

Updated message bundle for assignments.

Validate our dependencies in init()

Make sure we have all the services we need.

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SAK-31305 Catalan translation update for Sakai trunk code (#2742)

Thank you and S2U.

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SAK-30511 Catalan bundles update

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SAK-30161 Property not defined with precision

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SAK-29971 Add an anouncement about the open date by setting the notification level

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SAK-29406 Allow Assignment tool to grade with two decimal points

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SAK-28027 Updated some strings to solve import problems with transifex

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SAK-28038 Changing catalan filenames

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

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Update for catalan translation. deleted and replaced to ca_ES. SAK-25972 Part 1

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

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Changes to avuid wrong escaping in " ' " characters. Some were missed in the first commit SAK-22956.

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

Updating catalan bundles on Sakai CLE tool SAK-22956

git-svn-id: 66ffb92e-73f9-0310-93c1-f5514f145a0a

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SAK-20723 added the notification option for student resubmission

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SAK-20638: moved all bundle files into assignment-bundles/resources folder and updated the pom.xml file

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