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SAK-46590 resolve aXe-identified a11y issues. (#10040)

The label should not be hidden from view. Use aria-label instead.

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SAK-46589 resolve landmark accessibility issues. (#10039)

When using a landmark like nav multiple times, each use needs a unique aria-label

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SAK-46195 Announcement always show inputs when reordering items (#9958)

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SAK-45978: Spanish translations before 22 (#9555)

* SAK-45978: Spanish translations before 22

* SAK-45978: Spanish translations before 22

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Sakai Developement Version 23-SNAPSHOT

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SAK-40738 CKEditor autosave alerts about saved text for ckeditor other than the one that originated the autosave (#9857)

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SAK-44806 MOTD setting to limit number of characters in body displayed does not work (#9300)

SAK-45797: Announcements: Warn that Email Notifications require a published site (#9455)

SAK-43911 Drag and Drop Reorder lists should display a grabbing cursor (#9393)

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SAK-46222 - Arabic Translation: Translate Sakai 22 to Arabic

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SAK-46083 Announcement: duplicated bullhorns, move events to edit

In my opinion all these "update" events should only happen when editing

an announcement and not on creation. This change won't have any side

effects besides fixing the bullhorns bug.

SAK-45799. Catalan language update for Sakai master (#9471)

Co-authored-by: Mateu Llas Rubio <>

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SAK-45823: Update Spanish translations (#9468)


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SAK-45660 Update spanish translations for master (#9392)

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SAK-45681 Update catalan translations for master

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SAK-44804 Announcements: reorder missing fields (#9306)

SAK-44979 Assignments / reorder - due date moved to next line when instructors have long list of assignments (#9102)

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SAK-45457 Lessons embedded announcements displays messages scheduled to open in the future (#9232)

SAK-45164: Announcements: Undefined counter in Reorder velocity template (#9101)

SAK-44265 Moved bullhorns to use Server Sent Events (#8550)

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SAK-45160: Announcements: Reorder tab and numeric text field initialization (#9098)

SAK-44958 TR Files Updated (#8991)

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SAK-44728 Make locked and visible less confusing. (#8940)

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SAK-43238 Embedded Announcement block in Lessons display order (#8270)

SAK-44700 Announcements > Add > Availability > 'Hide' label isn't connected to its radio button (#8831)

SAK-44461 Announcements : selector not getting values (#8725)

SAK-44501 Announcement: select all groups option (#8708)

SAK-44245 Don't mask BaseMessage's m_formattedText property. (#8533)

Dave's change effectively hid BaseMessage's m_formattedText field from

the spring wiring in announcements. I'm glad it did, or we'd have had

multiple ways of accessing formatted text in one object graph.

Move version to 22-SNAPSHOT

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Bump xercesImpl in /announcement/announcement-impl/impl (#8426)

Bumps xercesImpl from 2.6.2 to 2.12.0.

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>

Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]>