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SAK-44302 - Reduce ignite logging (#8599)

SAK-39751 - Add getLong method to ServerConfigurationService (#8598)

Co-authored-by: Paul Lukasewych <>

SAK-44294 Students unable to see rubric when no rating selected but points awarded (#8569)

If no rating was selected by the instructor but they set a point value, set the

selected value points to zero so that the rubric works as expected.

SAK-44103 Improve submitted attachments list in new grader (#8610)

SAK-44342 Apply best practice when using ResourceLoader (#8611)

  1. … 62 more files in changeset.
SAK-44343 allow all admin users to edit assessment templates (#8612)

SAK-43564: Samigo hotspot answer is correct but grade is 0 with 'Don't allow partial credit' (#8356)

Co-authored-by: Fernando Alvarez <>

SAK-44328 - SEP'20 - Upgrade spring dependencies (#8597)

SAK-43390 Switch previewed documents correctly in new grader (#8608)

SAK-44306: Error on log when trying to upload file with no file selected (#8589)

SAK-44332 Update to rubrics sortablejs to dashboard version (#8603)

SAK-44340 Updated property wiring for Rubrics (#8607)

SAK-44001 samigo > late submissions auto submitted by job or at due/late date not marked as late (#8602)

SAK-43661 Add property to force grader toggle to default to off (#8600)

SAK-44326 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.38 (#8594)

SAK-44322 - Delay protection removal until actual launch (#8595)

SAK-44288 after due date, with a retake, student needs to be allowed to take (#8593)

SAK-44286 samigo > instructor shouldn't be able to set allow retake after due/late allowed date (#8591)

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
SAK-43958: date manager > samigo > include feedback on and until dates (#8558)

SAK-43621 auto-submit should definitely submit IN_PROGRESS! (#8586)

SAK-42472: Lessons: Short Answer Question displays red X after student submission (#8541)

SAK-44224 - Urkund AutoDeleteDocument field addition #8544

SAK-44258 - NPE with SamigoETSProvider in startup with samigo autosubmit quartz job (#8562)

SAK-44285 Add missing property for Lessons layout error message (#8568)

SAK-44318: A lot of emails with the error (#8582)

SAK-44315 Samigo discrepancyInData.jsp text improvements (#8581)

SAK-44317 StringUtil.limit => (commons-lang3) StringUtils.abbreviate (#8583)

StringUtil.trimToZero => (commons-lang3) StringUtils.trimToEmpty

SAK-42670 L is reserved accesskey (#8588)

SAK-44186 Only update document viewer if i18n present (#8570)