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Externals updated to 10.7
Updating externals
Reverting bad commit 323665
updated externals
CLE-11490 update rsmart poms to version 10.7
  1. … 125 more files in changeset.
CLE-11490 upgrade sakai root to 10.7
CLE-11486 merge to trunk
CLE-11481 create mysql and oracle flyway scripts
CLE-11474 updated .externals
CLE-11474 update rsmart poms to version 10.6
  1. … 125 more files in changeset.
CLE-11474 top level
CLE-11275 clean up flyway scripts
Updated bbb externals new version.
Updated bbb externals
Properties changes (externals for certification GIT)
changed certification in externals corrected
changed certification in externals
updating certification in externals
moved certification
  1. … 266 more files in changeset.
Changes in poms to allow moving to root
make certification independent of rsmart.common
  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
CLE-11453 revert cleanup
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  1. … 495 more files in changeset.
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  1. … 495 more files in changeset.
CLE-11454 remove MVEL service
  1. … 25 more files in changeset.
CLE-11448 add flyway script to fix msgcntr in rsn_tool_final_config
CLE-11427 add script to remove index
propset on externals
update upgrade script
CLE-11414 remove IDE files
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CLE-11414 update itextpdf dependency to fix build