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[NOJIRA] note regarding move to github
[nojira] clean up directory structure
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Branching for 2.9V
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Comment out references to iTunesU.
UMICH-1182 adding context info to each assessment in the site
UMICH-1183 EntityBroker metadata stripped from EntityBroker feed with Java 8
UMICH-1182 code review changes for the extending entity feed to include dates etc
UMICH-1182 extending the entity feed to have dates/ direct url
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Final check-in of 2.9T changes prior to branching 2.9U. These include changes to links on the gateway.
TLUNIZIN-700 Updated README-lti-utils.txt file to include instructions for making non LTI application into LTI application.
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UMICH-1174 removing the itunesU from build
UMICH-1171 Mneme api feed won't crash if gradebook tool is not associated with it
Modified Google page checks such that it references the current state of the page.
Commented out references to iTunes U, which is now stealthed.
Fixed two issues where scripts were referencing a disabled dashboard.
Updated schedule with current dates.
Removed erroneously placed script tree.
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Removed erroneously placed script tree.
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UMICH-1167 patches.txt update for java 8 changes
UMICH-1163 update patches.txt
UMICH-1163 updated pom to use patched spring for Java 8
UMICH-1165 adding the roster id to deprecated list
UMICH-1167 updating patches.txt
UMICH-1152 adding the deprecated-tool id
Creating the msub branch for inactivate tool-tag-2.7.1
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creating new contrib /branches for inactivate_tools module
creating new contrib branch for inactivate_tools module
most recent variables files.
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