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EVALSYS-1436 use a dropdown instead of a list of links by converting the list to dropdown using Javascript

Creating first branch of 2.9R scripts
  1. … 416 more files in changeset.
Final version of 2.9Q scripts.
  1. … 366 more files in changeset.
NOJIRA upping very old version set

GOOGLE-180 code review comments
GOOGLE-180 revised error logging
GOOGLE-180 reformat CR/LF only
QUALTRICS-254 Updated LTI Qualtrics README file
    • -8
    • +110
QUALTRICS-257 Updated dependency for lombok in pom.xml
    • -0
    • +6
Branching for CTools 2.9Q scripts.
  1. … 416 more files in changeset.
Final versions of 2.9P automated scripts.
  1. … 368 more files in changeset.
Re-built with Selenium WebDriver JAR 2.43.1.
UMICH-1129 QTI Export needs to include Release Submissions & Grades option
remove outage page
TLQCI-144 - add outage page
NOJIRA - removing line from patch list
GRBK-1437: revert r87285
UMICH-1127 QTI Export needs to include time zone information
EVALSYS-1399 avoid empty comments

UMICH-1128 QTI Export needs to include Review options
EVALSYS-1433 - Disable group provider sync options by default

UMICH-1103 Extend Melete (Modules) Common Cartridge export
UMICH-1126 Extend Test Center (Mneme) Entity Broker feed to include gradebook id
Notes about changing "googledrivelti" to "googleapi" to reflect its purpose.
NOJIRA update patch list
GRBK-1437 - adding meta tag for IE
Updated version number.