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remove outage page
TLQCI-144 - add outage page
NOJIRA - removing line from patch list
GRBK-1437: revert r87285
UMICH-1127 QTI Export needs to include time zone information
EVALSYS-1399 avoid empty comments

UMICH-1128 QTI Export needs to include Review options
EVALSYS-1433 - Disable group provider sync options by default

UMICH-1103 Extend Melete (Modules) Common Cartridge export
UMICH-1126 Extend Test Center (Mneme) Entity Broker feed to include gradebook id
Notes about changing "googledrivelti" to "googleapi" to reflect its purpose.
NOJIRA update patch list
GRBK-1437 - adding meta tag for IE
Updated version number.
create GDrive 2.3 tag

It appears that lti-utils now has a version of "1.5-SNAPSHOT". That's what I had to use in the GDrive POM to get it to build, so I think it's probably safe to commit this change.


Added requirements from the old About document. Added instructions for filling in the contents of build.txt.


New files:

about.html - Contents of the new modal About dialog box.

index.html - Page shown when the application is called without any additional path or parameters. Used to let administrators see that the application is installed and running.

build.txt - A file of information about the current build of the application. Referenced by about.html and index.html. This should be filled in by the developer building the application, preferably by an automated build script.


build.txt has been moved to a higher-level directory, where it is used by about.html and index.html.


The old About document has been removed, replaced with a simple modal dialog box.


Added text from old version of About document, which has been reduced to a simple modal dialog box.


Added code to load build info from build.txt, to display a bootbox-based modal dialog box for the "About" link, and to open the help page in a new window.


Small change to the name of the style and the way it's applied.


Minor brightness corrections.

UMICH-1100 creating entity broker feed for melete
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Added placeholder/CSS for version/build info and JS to load that info on page load.

GOOGLE-178 checking for the trashed folder before initialinzing the JsTree
GOOGLE-175,GOOGLE-177,GOOGLE-169,GOOGLE-176 eliminated bug After unsharing

once in the sharing view by hitting back button takes back to shared view and when they click

unshare has potential harm that duplicatechecker Map get added with the

an entry and never get removed.