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[nojira] update gam pom.xml with correct parent version
GOOGLE-10 Update FullCalendar UI for accessibility

Gave the spinner a z-index of 1 to make it appear in front of other page content. Also reformatted code for spinner style.

UMICH-1054 added read file and Perl script for inserting Dashboard tool into existing MyWorkspace sites
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UMICH-1036: Branch Mneme 2.1.29
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Updated unshareAndDeleteButtonColumn class to make column width consistent for wide and narrow buttons. Also formatted some sections of code.

NOJIRA: update documentation for tests
QUALTRICS-191: address issue with spaces in path names

Updated styles to be compatible with the jsTree "wholerow" plugin, which enables highlighting the whole row when an item gets hover, focus, etc.

QUALTRICS-191: fix json parsing for surveys with responses
Formatted some long lines. Moved some error message text to properties file.

Updated language ("link" becomes "share") and added additional properties for error message details.

QUALTRICS-189 - change wording in popup
Simplified passing of application properties to JSP and JS.

QUALTRICS-189 - open link to Q in a new window
QUALTRICS-191: add resources directory and test data
GOOGLE-143 - prevent navbar drop in smaller viewports, add ellipsis to meta data, remove hover effect, add right margin to add/share button
Removed obsolete classes.

Removed styles related to the pre-jsTree table-based UI.

GOOGLE-143 - a few more tweaks to file/folder length and ellipsis overflow, add class to wrapper for two views in case we want to treat them differently (since the extras container is a different length, for example
GOOGLE-143 - a few more tweaks to row hover effects
GOOGLE-143 - a few more tweaks to file anchor, file creator, last row of a folder
GOOGLE-143 - first pass
QUALTRICS-159 - construct student link to a survey, 2
Added code to support new gd.monthNames property.

Removed a lot of unused code. Reformatted some sections of code. Fixed bug to remove deleted item from display. Fixed bug that removes file tree (with "Loading..." message) after permissions have been updated. Added code to use comma-delimited month names from property file and use default month names if there is a parsing error.

Added comma-delimited list of month names.

Replaced occurrences of "Google Drive LTI" with "GDrive".

Replaced occurrences of "Google Drive LTI" with "GDrive".

QUALTRICS-159 - construct student link to a survey