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GAM-20 change logging level to debug for several log messages
GAM-20 revert inadvertant change to tag svn merge -r86023:86022
GAM-20 change logging level to debug for several log messages
Google-126 Code review change,removal of logic when failed in removing the permission then try to do it again and then show the error message to user if it fails for the second time too
Google Drive 2.0 Release tag update
  1. /umich/google/google-drive-lti/tags/2.0.1
version change to 2.0.1
Google Drive 2.0 Release tag
QUALTRICS-30 - prelim work
NOJIRA: add createDistribution to index.html
NOJIRA: remove unneeded jshint configuration
Google-126 Refactoring of the removal of the permissions logic
GOOGLE-79 Add support for group aware events
[NOJIRA] renaming gcalendar branch to 2.0.x
  1. … 123 more files in changeset.
GOOGLE-125 Implement new api's to support integration with Signup Tool (work in progress)
Google-43 Google-102 Code review changes that fixes Bugs Google-121;relates to XSS attack coming back Google-122-Indentation problem for the folders
Google-81 Check in for Gonzalo, fixes the bug that when second instructor trys to unshare the folder the view don't flip at all

Added new documentation links from trunk to this branch.


Created new about and help documents in GD itself, published them, and added links for them to the GDLTI UI.

GOOGLE-57 gcal.view.all and gcal.edit permission removal does not affect maintain role

Add code to address this issue from trunk to this branch.


Limit list of sharable folders to those owned by the user.

Fix for ME-1609
UMICH-1016: Branch Etudes-Util 1.0.22
  1. … 20 more files in changeset.
UMICH-1016: Branch Ambrosia 2.1.27
  1. … 263 more files in changeset.
GOOGLE-43 Check in for Gonzalo adding screen reader only anchores to expand and collapse links
UMICH-1016: Branch Mneme 2.1.29
  1. … 786 more files in changeset.
GOOGLE-102 check in for Gonzalo added <span> for the buttons unlink/delete for accessibility
GOOGLE-81 Checking for Gonzalo adding href for the accessibility issue