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[NOJIRA] note regarding move to github
[nojira] clean up directory structure
TLUNIZIN-700 Updated README-lti-utils.txt file to include instructions for making non LTI application into LTI application.
QUALTRICS-249: tag 1.4 version of lti-utils
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QUALTICS-234: fix indentation
QUALTRICS-246: read properties object as class resource (lti-utils change required for qualtrics change).
QUALTRICS-234: code review changes
NOJIRA: add the svn copy script template
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QUALTRICS-237: update trunk after tag 1.3 version of lti-utils
QUALTRICS-237: tag 1.3 version of lti-utils
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QUALTRICS-235: enhance LTI launch check
QUALTRICS-234: clarify documentation prior to code review
QUALTRICS-206: clarify debug statements
QUALTRICS-228: update lti-utils trunk version
QUALTRICS-228: tag 1.2 version of lti utils
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QUALTRICS-208: part 1: add call to make available the remaining number of bytes available in the setting string.
NOJIRA: reduce logging for roster creation
QUALTRICS-211: deal with failing to retrieve setting value with non-xml characters
NOJIRA: minor clean up
QUALTRICS-202: log exceptions instead of printing them
QUALTRICS-210: change logging level for ssl messages
QUALTRICS-180: update lti-utils readme.
GOOGLE-156: bump up to next version in trunk pom file
GOOGLE-156- changing the version back to snapshot version after cutting the tag for the GDrvive 2.1 release
Google-156 Cutting tag for the Gdrive 2.1 Release probably we are not going to use this tag for the Gdrive 2.1 release as PRod build is already done
GOOGLE-156- changing the version for cutting the tag for the GDrvive 2.1 release
NOJIRA: add readme for oauthcrednentials
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QUALTRICS-186: move properties utilities class