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EVALSYS-1436 use a dropdown instead of a list of links by converting the list to dropdown using Javascript

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NOJIRA upping very old version set

EVALSYS-1399 avoid empty comments

EVALSYS-1433 - Disable group provider sync options by default

EVALSYS-1431 EL path error when group id contains a space or period. Patch from Curtis

EVALSYS-1427 merge r86685 from VULA

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EVALSYS-1430 TA selection not shown when no instructor category questions in evaluation
EVALSYS-1376 merge r86674 from VULA branch

EVALSYS-1272 swedish translation

EVALSYS-1396 remove log4j.properties

EVALSYS-744 merge r86669 from trunk

EVALSYS-1412 merge r86774 from VULA

EVALSYS-1405 merge r86725 from VULA branch

EVALSYS-1413 export report for a specific lecturer.

I did a merge of the entire branch into trunk: svn merge -r86934:HEAD https://source.sakaiproject.org/contrib/evaluation/branches/EVALSYS-1413

EVALSYS-1418 - Date picker fix for administate email page

EVALSYS-1418 - Changed date picker to use one contributed to RSF

EVALSYS-1424 Fix POI-related export problems, always use xlsx for Excel export
EVALSYS-1425 - Changing the widths a bit

EVALSYS-1394 - Make the facebox a little wider

EVALSYS-1423 Fix slow report export by moving isUserAdmin outside report loop
EVALSYS-1425 - Error grouping items in new template

EVALSYS-1394 - Evaluation template WYSIWYG needs to switch to CKEDitor

EVALSYS-1422 - Remove outdated project and classpath files

EVALSYS-1421 - Fix evalsys xml circle for importing into eclipse$

  1. ./trunk/impl/src/bundle/org/sakaiproject/evaluation
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EVALSYS-1417 When assigning an evaluation to a course with instructors, using a template with only course questions, the instructor selection box shows up when taking the evaluation.

EVALSYS-1416 If a hierarchy provider is enabled, and the hierarchy is large, the Add Item Screen won't load