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SAK-29158 merge PR 453 from git
  1. ./sakai-10.x/jldap-integration-test/src/test
  2. … 157 more files in changeset.
SAK-29475 merge PR 614 from git
  1. ./sakai-10.x/sample/src/java/org/sakaiproject
SAK-25929 merge r307400 from trunk

  1. ./sakai-10.x/jldap/src/java/edu/amc/sakai
  2. ./sakai-10.x/jldap/src/java/edu/amc/sakai/user
SAK-26151 merge r308665 from trunk

  1. ./sakai-10.x/federating/src/java/org/sakaiproject
SAK-23825 merge 310806, 310807, 311287 to 10.x
SAK-26632 - Remove es_ES files. Merge into 10.x

Also added some missing fallback.

  1. … 203 more files in changeset.
SAK-26295 - Merging changes to Sakai 10 for pom fixes

  1. … 21 more files in changeset.
SAK-23676 - Remove hybrid from code - 2.9.x merge

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
SAK-25743 - Update eu translations up to 100% (Crowdin - 2014) (Basque) (Merge into Sakai 10.x)
  1. … 166 more files in changeset.
SAK-26023 - Update es_ES translations up to 100% (Crowdin - 2014) (Merge into Sakai 10.x)
  1. … 19 more files in changeset.
CLE-25829 merge 306872 to 10.x
  1. … 56 more files in changeset.
SAK-25743 - Update eu translation. Merge into Sakai 10.x branch
  1. … 190 more files in changeset.
SAK-25739 update pom version to 10-SNAPSHOT
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  1. … 564 more files in changeset.
SAK-25739 Build providers sakai-10.x target
NOJIRA Correct Javadoc.
SAK-23825 Test case for correctly getting roles with multiple sections.

This is a test case to check that when multiple sections are present and the same user is present those that the correct role is chosen.

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  1. ./SAK-21717/cm-authz-provider/test/org/sakaiproject
SAK-23825 Correctly get the exsiting role when multiple sections used.

The existing role and the new role where both set to the new value, this caused a lower role in a second section to incorrecly take precendence.

Patch from Juan José Meroño Sánchez.

SAK-21717 Don't allow users to set batch size too large.

If the administrator sets the batch size to be more than the maxResultSize we reduce it on init() so that the batch size is the size of the maximum results.

SAK-21717 Allow the maximum result size to be configurable.

This allow you to set the maximum number of results you want to ever get from LDAP.

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SAK-21717 Allow limiting of maximum result size.
SAK-23719 merge r125941 from trunk

SAK-23689 merge r125712 from trunk

SAK-23362 merge r121256 from trunk