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Adding some properties to test SAM-2147

Trying llr option to fix build problem

NOJIRA Changing checkout to trunk

NOJIRA Changing svn repo for nightly to github

Removing protocol option from maven opts

Setting test properties for SAK-27973

Adding props to experimental for SAK-18588 and SAK-20370

Adding SAK-26630 props to trunk experimental

INFRSTR-299 Updating maven opts for more memory to match nightly

INFRSTR-299 Updating maint-rel and turnk-experimental to 3.2.3 too

INFRSTR-299 - Update nightly to mvn 3.2.3

Added property SAK-27580 to test

NOJIRA - updating nightly javadoc script

NOJIRA - updating experimental build script

- auto-accept github certificates

- enable creation of portfolio sites

NOJIRA - updating properties file

NOJIRA - updating properties for QA3

NOJIRA - updating nightly build script with "--non-interactive --trust-server-cert" switches to deal with github source code

NOJIRA - adding to 10.x build

    • ?
NOJIRA - updating server.xml for 10.x server

NOJIRA - repurposing 2.8.x nightly server to 10.x

PRFL-845 - Resetting properties on nightly to the default for profile2

NOJIRA - experimental build script edit

NOJIRA - updating experimental build script

NOJIRA - experimental build script update

NOJIRA - updating experimental build script

NOJIRA - updating experimental build script

remove evaluations specific build instructions
remove evaluations -Psakai2.9, lessonbuilder mneme compile