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SAK-32017 Missing gridline in tools widget on non-desktop sizes (#4337)

SAK-31129 : Home tool (site info display) does not respect frame height selection for RTE content (#4630)

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PEPP give line-height back to user circle

PEPP Another round of skin mods

54072 Pepperdine more skin mods

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NYU skin custom for Pepperdine

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/11.x' into 14-nyu-11.x

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Adding updated icons for gb2 and rubric

ND custom new morpheus JS files from NYU merges

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52722 box-shadow for mobile skin consistency

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52722 color of header box-shadow and line-height for mobile links

ND custom fix tiny Resources icon oddity

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SAK-32484 add a valid outline for Firefox (#4339)

(cherry picked from commit 3f1894bbe27e1e5ea45096c0dfa42dc8960d4c8e)

ND custom reverse order of login links

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SAK-31610 dont use bootstrap dropdown-toggle class (#4322)

(cherry picked from commit a57bbb12b0464974cf61331714886dfa5cf4cad2)



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ND skin custom changes from spreadsheet

Revert "SAK-31119 Mobile - tool tabs display in white div, help/link buttons overlap (#4244)"

This reverts commit dec0c832a28b0e5cb1fecd54955e1063cc24ccd4.

As this was fixed in SAK-32056 and contained more changes than this


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SAK-31119 Mobile - tool tabs display in white div, help/link buttons overlap (#4244)

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SAK-31509 Problem with long breadcrumbs (#4276)

SAK-31938 Tool title text appears on top of pop-ups on a mobile sized screen (#4243)

SAK-31710 Alignment of titles on overview page (#4248)

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ND custom icons

ND custom skin changes

Another round of NYU morpheus changes (#4249)

* SAK-32443 Add MorpheusViewportHelper so the JavaScript can more easily know which Morpheus breakpoint is currently applied

* SAK-32443 Avoid zoom when focusing the search field on the sites modal on touch devices

* SAK-32443 fix touch scroll causing content behind more sites to move about

* SAK-32414 remove animation from left tool menu

* SAK-32430 Apply NYU styling to reload sites popover

* SAK-32420 Decrease padding between synoptic tools and 'Overview' reset button

* SAK-32420 Update the border / divider line colors for the synoptic tools

* SAK-32431 reduce width of tool menu dropdown on favorites sites

* SAK-32433 Lighten link coloring throughout interface

* SAK-32418 Implement NYU Styling for the Syllabus Tool

- update famfam icons to use font awesome icons

- change colors of the accordions

- align syllabus edit icons to the right of the syllabus header

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SAK-31429 "Delete" confirmation in PA System opens below visible portal, cannot scroll to it (#4224)

(cherry picked from commit e1e8832428839aaef09087aa289f769934536c28)



SAK-32410 Additional changes and bug fixes for NYU Skin contributions (#4201)

* SAK-32410 Additional changes and bug fixes for NYU Skin contributions

Header Row Updates

* move the role switch action into a drop down menu

* only show role switch menu option if it has had the javascript set it up

* show role options on dekstop/tablet and offer menu on phone

* show the exit roleSwitch anchor in the navbar on all viewports

Updates to "Sites" modal

* Add NYU styles for all sites buttons and menus

* fix auto favorite panel on mobile

* make mask white

* update all term-level star size and make more clickable. Also show the close button when on mobile

Left Menu Updates

* Fix the toolmenu bg color and change blue color

* Tinker styles to extend the toolmenu to the top of its container, to remove the grey bit at the top

Update to Tool Content Area

* Apply NYU tool tab styles

* Align tabs with second tool menu item where possible

* Align the breadcrumb with the toolmenu's first item

* Apply NYU button styles

* Disable swapped-view styles by default (can be re-enabled via a skin variable)

* Apply NYU button styling to synoptic tool buttons

* Update the breadcrumb link color

Mobile Updates

* Apply NYU mobile design to Sakai 12

* Make the skipnav actions into two rows, one for the site-context and the other for the tool-context

* Don't uppercase the skipnav text and adjust the breadcrumb widths so long site and tool names clip nicely

* Affix only the banner on mobile and allow click to return to top

* Fix javascript lessonbuilder due to fixed header changes

* Fix button container view positioning in single column on mobile

* Fix help buttons and button container positioning on mobile

Favorites row

* Update the selected site's bg color

Lessons toolbar and navigation changes

* prevent lessons tabs and buttons from overlapping one another and make them behave like good little children

Synoptic tools

* Fix alignment of the tool menu in synoptic tools and the profile2 tool. And remove top margin from synoptic tools iframe content

* Fix synoptic tool button alignment


* Default the footer color to something less blue

* Add aria-hidden='true' to font awesome icons in portal templates

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SAK-32296 Add NYU's "auto favorites" feature (#4147)

There are a few components to this:

* The "Organize Favorites" tab of the "Sites" drawer now shows an

"Automatically add new sites to your favorites bar" toggle. If

this is enabled (the default), user favorites are automatically

added to include sites as they appear.

* To avoid the user being overwhelmed by sites, we introduce a limit

of 15 sites (configurable via to the site bar at

the top of the portal. The "Organize Favorites" tab shows a warning

if the user has more than this many sites, and provides a visual

indication of which sites are above the fold.

* Since users will want to occasionally prune their list of favorite

sites, there's a "select all/select none" star at the top of each

term shown in the Sites drawer. This allows all sites within a term

to be favorited or unfavorited at once.

* The "Reload to see your updated favorites" indicator will now only

show if the user has made a change. I.e. favoriting and then

unfavoriting a site won't show the indicator.

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SAK-32383 Tidied up the profile popup. (#4159)

Make the default texts and tool tips clearer. Add some spacing under the

icons and bold the icon text. FB and Twitter links launch in new tab.

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SAK-32379 Incorporate NYU skin changes for header, favorites and tool menu (#4158)

* SAK-32379 Incorporate NYU skin changes for header, favorites and tool menu

Header Row Updates

* Update the Sakai Logo and make it larger

* Make separator between Noodle bullhorns and “Sites” menu the same height

* Hover states for the bullhorn icons is currently dark blue. Apply the same light white box-shadow glow on hover for these.

* Reduce the height of the banner row to 52px

* Remove animation and only fix the top logo banner when scrolling

* Add slight amount of padding on the right of the window to user dropdown menu

* Change styling of the profile picture "Change" button

* To ensure WCAG contrast compliance for the text in the header, use a darker blue for secondary background color: #3949AB

* Moved the role switcher from the tool menu to the top banner

Favorites Row Updates

* Match favorite sites row min-height with the banner height: 52px

* Implement NYU Classes styles for the default/hover/active button states

* Implement NYU Classes styles for the tool submenu and menu item default/hover/active states

* Remove padding from the right of the “Home” button

Left Tool Menu

* Appy NYU Classes styles for default/hover/active button states

* Affix the collapse toggle menu item to the bottom of the page and apply NYU Classes styles

* Set the tool menu width to 200px

* Clean up styles on mobile version

Portlet Content

* Apply a minimum height to portlet content so it minimally matches the toolmenu height

* SAK-32379 Fix collapsed tool menu title flyout

* SAK-32379 hide roleswitch icon on smaller viewports

* SAK-32379 fix line-height and positioning of bullhorn counts

* SAK-32379 reduce distance between icon and title in toolmenu

* SAK-32379 update the Sakai logo

* SAK-32379 Topmost tool top edge fix

* SAK-32379 Added top border to topmost tool li

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SAK-32345 Updated profile popup to display grid of icons. (#4113)

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