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SAK-39977 remove courier (#8451)

* SAK-44066 Remove courier from portal presence

This removes the functional use of /courier/ URLs from the portal presence tool,

eliminating end-user requests to /courier/... which serve no purpose, because

requesting the presence list itself also serves to establish the user's presence in a site,

and the morpheus js refreshes the presence anyway.

Complete cleanup left for SAK-39977, including removal of scheduleUpdate() from headscripts.js

which is referenced from some other places too (JSF widgets).

Should be mergeable back to 20.x

* SAK-39977 Remove courier code

This touches a lot of code mostly because of the velocity templates. The only

place this seems to be used is in the Admin / Online tool. This changes removes

the auto-refresh functionality.

* SAK-39977 Remove courier code

Further cleanup of unused code

Co-authored-by: Earle Nietzel <>

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SAK-41140: Change initial run of updatePresence to be delayed if function doesn't exist yet. (#8437)

* SAK-41140: Change initial run of updatePresence to be delayed if function doesn't exist yet.

* SAK-41140: On review changed the name of the function to be more descriptive.

SAK-33944 - Users Present icon does not display users when using the Resources, Dropbox, email, and wiki tools (#7488)

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SAK-42676 Change navigational headings to h2 for page accessibility (#7492)

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SAK-38414 Ensure lists for indentation are not used (#6023)

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SAK-32184 Remove redundant -pack projects. (#3912)

* SAK-32184 Remove redundant -pack projects.

Make most -impl projects of type sakai-component which means we have

less modules in the build and our build is smaller.

There were some references left to the -impl projects from things other than -pack projects. These have been refactored, either by moving the code, removing the unused dependency or in a couple of cases re-writing a tiny bit of code.

When deploying don’t create lots of small files which slows down the deployment for me.

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