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KNL-1284 Allow paths inside WEB-INF for tool registration (#2174)

* KNL-1284 Allow paths inside WEB-INF for tool registration

* KNL-1284 tool reg from /tools/ /WEB-INF/tools/

We allow registrations from multiple locations so that contrib tools continue to work without changes but all the core tools can move their files to a better location.

* KNL-1284 Move tool registration files to WEB-INF

This means that the tool registration files are no longer accessible through requests to the webapps directly. This change was done with:

find . -type d -path '*/webapp/tools' | while read dir; do pushd $dir; cd ..; if [ -d WEB-INF ]; then git mv tools WEB-INF; fi; popd; done

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SAK-29422 Initial release of NYU's "Public Announcement System"

Adds the following capabilities to Sakai:

* The ability to display a banner message to users. These can be

limited to particular servers and given different severity

levels. Use cases include allowing administrators to alert users

to upcoming system downtime, weather warnings and informational


* Popup messages on login. These can be used to show larger amounts

of information in a modal dialog, and users can dismiss each

message either temporarily (in which case it will be shown 24

hours later), or permanently.

* Timezone checks, which alert the user if the timezone set in their

Sakai preferences doesn't match the timezone of their local

machine. This warning is displayed as a banner alert and links the

user to the page where they can set their timezone.

This commit includes the management tool, entity providers for

creating and deleting banners and popups programmatically and a new

service implementation that underpins it all.

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